Why Python Is Considered As The Programming and Development Language of the Future?

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

Released in 1990 and gaining immense popularity in the 2020s, Python has grown to be one of the largely used programming languages ​​in the world. Many universities have started teaching Python in introductory programming courses, and it is a common first programming language for people learning to code. Eventhough Python is popular, it is also a controversial topic among developers. 

The biggest disadvantage of Python is that it can be an incredibly slow programming language. A Python interpreter must interpret the language, so it must execute the program line by line, rather than building the entire code before running it. And because standard interpreter locking prevents the interpreter from running on multiple threads, this can have a large performance impact on large applications.

The popularity of Python is due to its amazing functionality. Python’s unique features provide various services to programmers, web developers, software developers, etc. Taking the Python Training in Chennai is the most effective way to be one of the best professionals in the field of Python. So let’s look at some of Python’s most popular features:


  • Python is a multi-paradigm programming language that includes features such as object-oriented, imperative, procedural, functional, reflective, etc.
  • It has an intensive set of built-in libraries and tools that improve the functionality of the language.
  • Python has extensive community support.  
  • Python is designed to improve code readability compared to other languages. 
  • It contains only fewer lines of code compared to other programming languages. Therefore it is easy to understand.

Role Of Python In Various Fields

Data Science: 

Data science is a highly dominant field that relies heavily on Python. Statistics show that data science will be popular in the next ten years. Python is one of the easiest when it comes to using tools to solve data science challenges. Python really changed the data science game. Overall, Python is the best choice for top level data scientists around the world. 

Machine Learning: 

Python is a very versatile language, so developers working on machine learning projects choose to use it. As a result, machine learning has become quite accessible using Python. Python’s many specialized libraries are one of its best features. These libraries are full of logical and mathematical processes when it comes to machine learning.

Game Developer:

Today, game developers use Python because of its adaptability and unique features. They create computer games in Python. Many notable games like The Sims, World of Tanks, Battlefield and many others have been created using Python programming. This industry is very popular and expanding rapidly. This is one of the best fields to start your career. 

Artificial Intelligence: 

Commonly known as AI, its popularity is increasing regularly depending on the current situation. Every company is competing to develop artificial intelligence and develop artificial intelligence projects. This requires a programming language that facilitates the creation of AI projects. Because of its unique features, Python is the most used programming language by these experts. Scientists use AI technology to solve problems in real time, helping them work more efficiently and faster. Therefore, Python is the preferred choice for AI development. 

Web Development: 

Web developers use Python in different fields for different purposes. Python is a computer language used to build websites, and since Google, Facebook, and Microsoft use it, your website can compete with them. Additionally, Python web development can perform a number of tasks from creating a website to managing cloud infrastructures. 

Cloud Computing: 

Python relies heavily on the C programming language and is very useful for writing embedded C code for embedded applications. Advanced computing programs based on Python can be run on small devices. Additionally, Raspberry Pi is a well-known embedded program that uses Python for cloud computing. On the other hand, it can be used as a computer or as an integrated motherboard for required calculations. 

Business Applications: 

Enterprise applications include ERP, e-commerce and other areas. Businesses want applications that are readable, extensible and scalable. And Python has the power to provide everything. Systems like Tryton are available to build a business application.

Whether you are a Python beginner or veteran, Python is considered as the programming language of the future for several reasons:


  1. Python Is Popular 

Popularity may not be the right way to measure value. However, more people searched for Python than Kim Kardashian in America last year. 


For many, this comparison may seem inappropriate. However, this shows that interest in programming in general is high. When the creator of Python Guido Van Rossum was working on this language, he had no idea that one day it would become so popular. Success is not only measured by the increased interest in coding in recent years. Last year, Stack Overflow analyzed programming language growth data based on traffic data from high-income countries. They concluded that Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages. Its popularity has grown in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. 

  1. Big Companies Use Python 

Python is used by some of the biggest names in technology such as Uber, PayPal, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox and Reddit to develop and test their applications. Additionally, Python is widely used in robotics and even devices like Arduino. Even older systems written in C and C are easy to use with Python. Python is great for any kind of data analysis. Goldman Sachs is one of the largest financial institutions using Python to process large amounts of data. 

  1. Machine Learning With Python 

Machine learning is one of the most important technologies today. Today its technology is used to improve your online experience. Trained neural networks do everything from social media monitoring to self-driving cars. This field has developed rapidly in recent years, especially due to the increase in hardware processing. The potential is great and it’s just the beginning. 

Although there are libraries that work with other popular programming languages, Python is the de facto machine learning language. Google TensorFlow runs on Python. Almost every neural network uses Python. The data and grammar analysis required for machine learning works very well with Python and its libraries. The demand for machine learning is increasing everyday in this technical world. A little knowledge of Python will put you ahead of others who are learning from scratch. 

  1. Python Support Is High 

Because of its rapid growth in popularity and universality, Python has good online support at almost every level. Since it is a popular language for beginners, the basic programming concepts and syntax are explained through many online tutorials. 

Even sites like StackOverflow offer beginner-level help with programming language basics. On the other hand, developers are working on complex problems that are expected to be supported and that they haven’t had before. Online community support has increased for all programming languages in recent years. Python is the one that benefits the most in the field of Data Science. That’s why professionals who are expertised in Python will take Data Science Training in Chennai to understand the concepts in detail!

  1. Python Is A Learning Language  

The use of computers in education has changed dramatically in recent years. In the past, students learned basic presentation skills. Of course, this required some luck. Today, technology in education has reached another level where coding has taken its place in many classrooms around the world. 

Python is a simple programming language designed with simple descriptions and sensible syntax. User experience is a priority. This makes it great for teaching Python to kids. In addition to the clarity of Python, it is the standard language of the education-focused Raspberry Pi computer. Still not convinced? There is a version of Minecraft that teaches you Python. 

Universities teach Python not only in computer science, but also in mathematics. Matplotlib, a popular Python library, is used to express complex data at all levels.

  1. Python Is Free To Use 

Allowing Python to be freely used is confusing at first. At last, no matter which programming language you choose to learn, in many cases it won’t cost you anything. But Python is free in another sense. It is open source. The Python project was recently led by creator Guido van Rossum. It is completely open source and convenient GPL. It might not seem like much to you, but open source software is what changed the world.


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