Why Should You Regularly Clean Your House? How To Do It The Right Way?

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Written By Berry Mathew

It sucks when you come from work to a cluttered home with a mess, dirt, and a sink full of dishes. However, often you come home to a mess because with such a hectic routine, sometimes cleaning the house takes a backseat. Yet, you cannot ignore cleaning your house regularly because it can harm your physical and mental health.

There are multiple reasons for cleaning the house daily and deep cleaning it often, like:

  • Making the bed after waking up ensures you return to a bed where you can sleep and not worry about cleaning.
  • Cleaning ensures no dirt particles, reducing the chances of asthma and allergies.
  • A clean house is less prone to infestation.
  • A clean home means better relaxation and happiness.
  • You will sleep better in a tidy room.
  • It reduces stress as you clean and tidy the house, and the chances of falling sick reduce, reducing stress.
  • It keeps you healthy.

Knowing these reasons is great, but cleaning well becomes a challenge when you have a thousand things going on. For those times, you need smart tricks to clean up your house quickly. So here are a few smart ways to clean the house correctly and fast.

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Clean the whole house together

Picking up one room to clean, mop, dust, and so on takes your entire time. It slows you down, and you cannot clean the other rooms. This makes you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything and stresses people out. The best way is to pick a chore and do it for the entire house. For instance, you can decide that on Mondays, you will mop the entire house, and on Tuesdays, you will vacuum every nook and cranny of the house. This way, you clean the entire house.

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Steam clean your carpet.

Carpets can accumulate so much dirt, food bits, and dust and can lead to infections, especially for kids who sit on the carpet and play. Therefore, keep it clean by regularly steaming it after vacuuming, as that’s the best way to clean the carpet. Then, hire an expert who provides the best steam clean carpet services once a month to deep-clean the carpets to make them germ-free.

Squeegee the windows for a perfect shine and quick finish

Paper towels and window cleaning supplies cannot give you much shine on your windows. However, there is a secret weapon for you to use, a window squeegee of professional grade. Next, in a gallon of water, place a bit of dish soap, use a cloth to wipe it across the windows, and squeegee it afterward. Going from top to bottom, this will clean your windows so well without leaving a streak.

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Place the cleaning supplies handy.

When you start deep-cleaning the house, it will stink if you go back and forth to get the needed things. In addition, it will increase the time you take to clean, leading to frustration. Thus, it is best to use a small tray where you keep all the supplies and carry them with you to the room you are cleaning. Or you can wear an apron and stack it with small recyclable bottles stocked with cleaning supplies.

Use this mix for a squeaky-clean toilet.

Guests are coming over, and you want a squeaky-clean toilet? Then try this toilet-cleaning mix: take a bowl, add 1 cup of baking soda, 15 drops of tree tea essential oil, and 15 drops of orange or lemon essential oil, and mix. Let it sit in the bowl for around 30- minutes, then scrub it with a brush to make the toilet look extra clean.

Keep moving while vacuuming the house.

Want to vacuum the house faster? Then keep moving, and don’t worry about getting to every nook and cranny when you are in a hurry. Instead, vacuum well throughout the house, and you will get the dirt out. For nooks and crannies, you can do deep cleaning once weekly, per your schedule. Moreover, look at your accessories and furnishings to make a call about whether they need vacuuming at that moment or not.

Use these smart tips to clean your house better and more quickly. Also, clean daily, but pick your battles, as you do not need to dust, mop, and sweep when busy. Moreover, keep one day aside for deep cleaning every week.