Why Should You Start Using Holafly on Your Next Trip?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Are you an avid traveler who is figuring out the best options to stay connected always? Well, there are 2 options from which you can opt for one. Either you can use your carrier and activate an international roaming plan that may not be economical, or opt for a local SIM service provider. Many do not know these international plans may not work in every part of the world due to poor network coverage. On the other hand, the local SIMs may ask you to get a minimum monthly plan you do not need. 

Hence, it only makes sense to get a network that offers maximum coverage in most areas where you travel to avoid the cons we discussed above. 

Holafly seems a popular option with several travelers, and there are many reasons behind it. We have discussed a few below.

  1. Stay Connected to Internet Always:

When you activate an international phone plan, it does not mean that this plan will work everywhere. It may work in dense areas, but as you move away from civilization, these providers are less likely to give you a good signal and keep you connected to the internet. This is where using Holafly can be beneficial, as no matter where you go, it will help you stay you well connected to the internet, even in the remotest area. 

You must remember that Holafly only offers a data plan and does not let you make phone calls. You will need an eSIM of a network operator for that. Also, using Holafly, you can make calls using apps like WhatsApp.

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  1. Ease of Connectivity:

When you are a traveler and want to get a local SIM, sometimes this can be tricky as many countries need you to produce a local ID proof before buying a local SIM card. This means you will be stuck with your international SIM card only, which may not give you excellent coverage. Also, you will not be connected to the internet when you enter the country if you do not immediately buy a SIM card at the airport, which does not work that way. Also, you cannot ignore the language barrier, which may make things even more challenging.

Fortunately, there is an easy alternative to this. Getting a Holafly eSIM card for your travel is extremely easy. 

The best thing about getting a Holafly eSIM card is that getting hold of one is very simple. Just go to their website and choose the country you are traveling to. You can do this from the comfort of your home before leaving for your trip. They will send you a QR code via email. You just need to scan it to start the plan, so wait for it until you arrive at the airport.

Scanning the QR code is not their only way, as they have released their mobile application that allows you to add eSIM cards to it manually for people who travel with one device and cannot scan the QR code from one device through another. Following those directions takes you less than a minute to set your phone up and get the data as you get off the plane to your destination. 

  1. Easier on the Pockets:

When you are on international trips, data is the last thing you want to spend on. Having a phone with unlimited data connectivity makes your travel much more comfortable. But in today’s world, you cannot travel easily without using the Internet. You may have to use the navigation, a translator app, or Google search to find the nearest restaurants. Activating the data plan on your international roaming pack is usually not unlimited and can burn a hole through your pocket. Getting a local SIM card may not be an option for many. Hence, getting Holafly is one of the best options if you always want unlimited data connectivity.

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  1. 24/7 Assistance 

While connectivity issues with Holafly are a rarity, they can happen when traveling. When you are traveling, it is essential that you can get in touch with the customer support team, as there may always be an issue. You may need urgent assistance from their team to help you stay connected. Companies that utilize robotic phone services or work only during specific hours are not advisable because you may need their help anytime. The best part of using Holafly is that they are available 24/7 to assist you with anything. 

The Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to stay connected to the internet on your international travels, you need not worry anymore, as they can be used for subscription plans. With every new trip, they use their services to never get off the grid.