Why the Maruti Suzuki Brezza is the Good Choice for Families?

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

The car buying decision is challenging when a lot of models and variants are available. It’s best to look for trustable car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki. This Indo-Japanese car brand has launched endless models, series, and variants for all budget car dreamers. Regarding its May 2023 sales, Maruti Suzuki has recorded a sale of 1,43,708 units.

If you also want one from the same car company, why not look for Maruti Suzuki Breeza, the latest model? Yeah! It’s a popular – 4-wheeler in India, known for its performance, spacious interior, excellent features, and decent looks. For families, it is a quality dream car; look for its surprising reasons below. Maybe after reading them, you can look ahead to it.

The Reasons That Make Maruti Suzuki a Good Choice for Families:

1. Perfect Performance: The accountability on SUVs goes high on performance, and investing in Maruti Suzuki Breeze makes it complete. The car ensures tremendous and powerful mechanisms. It is designed with a powerful engine displacement of 1462 cc, making it a practical 4-wheeler. Breeza’s high-end performance lets you have satisfactory drivability on the road, and rough terrains, even at high speed. It’s fantastic on off-road driving experiences offering a maximum torque of 138nm and a maximum performance of 103.26bhp.

2. Comfortability: Maruti Suzuki cars are worth comfort. This specific Breeza segment is also well designed to give all passengers good comfort. The quality seats, adjustability, and enough boot space have a spacious and comforting capacity. The SUV is designed that allows exceptional convenience for storing luggage and enjoying long trips with incredible coziness.

3. Endless of Features: Next to comfort, the family car needs tons of features, and again this Breeza ensures it. This Maruti Suzuki SUV has high-end features that make driving comfortable and safe. The car has also been added with a plethora and new sunroofs. It has Arkamys audio system, a head-up display, a 360-degree camera, smart air-conditioning vents, and a 9-inch floating infotainment screen. The SUV also has Suzuki Smart Play Studio and power-assisted electric steering.

4. Improved Specifications: When it comes to wholesome specifications, this Maruti Suzuki SUV has many. That’s what makes Breeza an outstanding choice for family cars. It comes with advanced tech specifications such as mood lightening, automatic climate & cruise control. The SUV also has MacPherson Strut with Coil Spring (Front Suspension) & Torsion Beam with Coil Spring (Rear Suspension), disc (front) & drum (rear) braking system, headrest, and power windows. These all make the car the best in mechanism and quality driving experience.

5. Outlook & Appearance: Maruti Suzuki Breeza is an amazingly perfect SUV car. The car is designed with good dimension and looks that matches everyone’s lifestyle. It is an ideal family SUV with both inside-outside decent looks. Maruti cars are always the first pick for car buyers in India. This newest Breeza is best to get all features, looks, and aesthetics over performance in one. It looks very attractive in shape on the road. The adjustable headlights, power-assisted rear-view mirrors, chrome grille, integrated antenna, sharp-edge headlamps (projector and halogen), LED taillights, and side & front impact beams make it worth a beautiful SUV.

6. Safety Features: The car market is competitive, and buyers check for all aspects, like performance, mileage, features, and safety specifications. Investing in this Maruti Suzuki Breeza is not a deal to risk the drivability experience of yours and your co-passengers. It is designed with advanced tech safety features such as Anti-locking braking system, central locks, power door locks, child safety locks, anti-theft alarm, two airbags (driver and front passenger), seat belts with warning alarm, engine immobilizer, adjustable seats, impact beams (side & front), EBD, speed alert and much.

7. Entertainment and Communication: Breeza is installed with a CD player and quality radio system.  The integrated 2DIN Audio system with four speakers, two in front and two at the back, makes effects of surround sound. It has USB & Auxiliary input and Bluetooth Connectivity, making communication seamless. This SUV is reliable to get worth on entertainment.

8. Mileage: Maruti Suzuki Breeza has a fuel tank capacity of 48.0 kilolitres with an ARAI mileage of 17.03 KMPL. This SUV shares a decent mileage between 14 KMPL to 17 KMPL. It is a fuel-efficient segment from the Maruti car brand, making drivability convenient on fueling even on city drives, off-roading and long trips. It’s a satisfactory car on mileage level that helps in saving a lot of fuel, as have a highly efficient powertrain and manual transmission.

9. On-Road Price: Budget is indeed important in cars, and this SUV is surprisingly affordable. This Maruti Suzuki Breeza Price ranges because of its available variants. The average cost starts from 7.8 Lakhs onwards. Its variants or trims are LXI (7.84 Lakhs), VXI (8.93 Lakhs), ZXI (9.68 Lakhs), and ZXI Plus (9.98 Lakhs), VXI AT SHVS (10.13 Lakhs), ZXI PLUS DUAL TONE (10.14 Lakhs), ZXI AT SHVA (10.88 Lakhs), ZXI PLUS AT SHVA (11.33 Lakhs), and ZXI AT PLUS DUAL TONE (11.49 Lakhs). Breeza Price On Road varies due to all trims and features, and it may be a colour choice.

10. Size, Colour, And Dimension; For family trips and long hours of roading, a perfect-size SUV is a must. And this Breeza is also outstanding in performance because of this reason, with a ground clearance of 198 mm. The overall curb weight of the car is 1110-1130. It’s an SUV with ideal dimensions of 3995 (Length), 1790 (Width), and 1640 (Height). The car shares a spacious interior with a boot space of 328 Litres, offering an area to sit comfortably for five passengers (including the driver). The available colours of Breeze are ten the count, such as Sizzling Red, Brave Khaki, Exuberant Blue, Magma Grey, Splendid Silver, Pearl Arctic White, Splendid Silver with Midnight Black Roof, Brave Khaki with Arctic White Roof, Sizzling Red with Midnight Black Roof, and Pearl Midnight Black.

11. Services Support: Maruti Suzuki is a trustable car brand in India offering quality service support. For Breeza, it has 2 years warranty over a distance of 40,000 kilometres. The company provides free-of-cost services for the car after 10000 km, and the average maintenance cost in years is around INR 25,809.

The Final Verdict:

We are not here to convince you to invest in Maruti Suzuki Breeza but checking on its latest 2023 variant can be good. It may make you feel better on the reasons we have mentioned above. This SUV is superb in performance and mileage. It is a low-maintenance and fuel-efficient car with almost all fantastic features. The driving experience in Breeza can be safe, comfortable, and worthwhile for years.

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