Why You Should Invest in Houses For Sale In Limassol Now

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Real estate is one of the sectors that remain high in demand most of the time. Demand for houses is bigger than ever. The world needs more houses. And, it’s so I would like to present an opportunity for you. This company provides you a range of investment opportunities.

Due to various reasons, the price of houses for sale in Limassol declined. From pandemic to citizenship law changes, many factors affected the market. So, It won’t be long before the demand rises through the roof. We are going to give you a few reasons why you should invest in houses for sale in Limassol now. 

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Why Should You Invest in Limassol?

When it comes to investment, the first question is always “where to invest.” Every investor wants to invest in a place with a better outcome. Most importantly, you look for the factors that might affect your investment. To secure your money, you should consider digging deep into the future.

How to predict the future? Well, check the statistics like how many projects are underway, tourist attractions, possible growth, etc. 

With recent figures of a city or country, you can create assumptions on the likeness of growth in the future. If the city is prospering, more people would like to buy houses. It all depends on how valuable a piece of land can become in the future, so to optimize your profits, it’s better to look for low-hanging fruits. Which is the case for a place such as Limassol. 

Let’s find out how Limassol is doing on the world map.

Limassol Role in Economy

Limassol plays the most important role in the economy of the Republic of Cyprus. In 1974, the Turkish invaders occupied Famagusta and Kyrenia. As a result, Limassol became the major port of Cyprus. Since the invasion, the growth of Limassol has been exceptional. From tourism to trade, its role is vital in the economy of the Republic of Cyprus.

In the past few years, more than one billion Euros were invested in various projects including the Parklane Luxury Collection, The Oval, etc. The largest investment is the Lanitis Seafront, which is the biggest resort in Europe.

With these investments and more to come, Limassol will attract more tourists and investors in the future. Investors would like to buy houses for sale in Limassol. Who would benefit at that time? People who already own houses for sale in Limassol! This is your chance.

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Tourist Heaven

Ever wondered why oil-producing countries are trying to build tourist-friendly cities?

Tourism is one of the industries that will continue to flourish in upcoming decades. Cities reliant on tourism will see huge growth. Humans love to explore new places and the trend is never expected to come downwards.

Without any doubt, the tourism sector is the backbone of the island’s economy. The government is taking every possible initiative to encourage international travelers. With an increase in tourism, the number of houses for sale in Limassol is expected to grow due to the increased demand over the years. An investment in the right property in Limassol can give you millions in return.

Limassol is The Trading Hub

People prefer to live in the trading hub of a country. It provides more opportunities and better returns. From drinks spots to electronic devices, there are hundreds of industries in the city, and such industries attract people from all over the world.

And naturally, people need houses to live in.

With fewer houses and more demand, you will soon see a rise in property prices. So, Investing in houses for sale in Limassol will ensure you get the most out of the property rise.

Why Should You Invest Now

When it comes to making an investment, timing decides your fate. An investment in the right place can give you huge returns, but only if done at the right time. Once you miss the timing, you lose the profit margin.

This is the right moment for investing in houses for sale in Limassol. Many projects are underway and they will increase the value of houses.

Here are a few reasons why should you invest now:

Use Crisis As Opportunity

A famous quote by Marian Keyes, “the Chinese word for “Crisis” also means “Opportunity.”

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has caused trouble in every part of the world. Limassol witnessed a decline in real estate investment resulting in a decrease in prices. Houses for sale in Limassol are cheaper as compared to before.

Keep in mind, the decline is temporary. As the world has developed a vaccine against the virus, we are expecting countries to open their borders.

Once the situation becomes normal, housing prices will be much higher than before. Furthermore, everyone wants to travel as they are fed up with lockdown.

It’s time to buy!

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Huge Returns

In 2018-2019, Limassol witnessed an increase in apartment prices up to 8.6 percent. House prices also increased up to 1.6 percent. Limassol real estate sector offers huge returns in no time. Unlike other markets, you don’t need to wait for years to see a rise in your house’s price. Within a year, you can get huge returns if you invest your money in the right house.

Due to improvements in the banking system and the development of the Coronavirus vaccine, an increase in demand is expected. As we mentioned earlier about investment projects in Limassol, there will be more jobs. Hence, the population’s income/ buying power will be on the rise. More money to spend equals more demand for property.

Cyprus Citizenship

Most importantly, you can get Cyprus citizenship with an investment. Meaning that by buying a property in Cyprus, you’ll automatically skip most of the paperwork Furthermore, by complying with the permanent residency demands, the waiting time it will take for your permanent residency to be approved will be much shorter than in other countries. Cyprus is a place where the sun shines more than 300 days a year is worth your investment especially when you are getting an EU passport as well.

If you are living outside Europe and want to move, this is your chance.

The Final Thought On Houses For Sale In Limassol

Houses for sale in Limassol are a huge opportunity. Either you are living in Cyprus or a resident of another country, you can invest in Limassol.

While making an investment, it is important to consult a professional. They may give you advice that can double your returns without any extra spending. In the past forty years, Pafilia has transformed the property landscape in Cyprus.

Being the largest property developer in Cyprus, Pafilia offers a range of pre and post-sale services. They also assist with Cyprus residency and citizenship programs. Hence, when it comes to investing in houses for sale in Limassol, Pafilia is the way to go.