Will Self-Driving Cars Repair Themselves In The Future? 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

As cars become more and more advanced and in some cases drive themselves, we’re often left wondering what the future will bring. Is there a real possibility that cars will repair themselves at some point in the future? This may seem unlikely, but it’s not impossible. 

Cars Can Drive Themselves

10 years ago, if someone was asked if cars will be able to drive themselves, they probably would have said “No”. Times change. Now we can buy cars that can drive across parking lots or take control on the road. We can buy cars that choose when to brake or when to steer. 

So, will cars be able to repair themselves in the future? It’s possible. 

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Self-Diagnosing Cars 

We may still need a Toyota extended warranty and car insurance, even if cars can diagnose themselves. “Check engine” lights are a form of self-diagnosis that has been around for many years. However, it is hoped that cars in the future will be able to do so much more. 

The issues with self-diagnosis are not related to the technology we already have. The issues lay with what problems could be fixed by the car. Cars would ideally be able to fix the cause rather than the problem. Unfortunately, this could be easier said than done. Be sure to visit Natrad to find out more about car and radiator repair.

The Future of Auto Repair 

Cars already have many parts and many computers. A modern smart car tends to have about 100,000,000 lines of code in its controllers. A lot of data needs to be used just to get modern cars moving. 

Data can already control: 

  • Safety systems
  • Engine performance
  • Interior space
  • Passenger comfort
  • Lighting and 
  • Braking

If cars were able to repair themselves, more data would need to be added. Auto repair may, therefore, be a data-related issue, rather than just a mechanical issue. 

Unfortunately, mechanical issues do arise with vehicles. Is there enough data or sufficiently intelligent data to deal with problems such as leaking radiator? There’s no way that data can stop a leak, but it can help to create a temporary solution. 

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What Does The Future Hold?

So what does the future hold for self-repairing cars? Will they ever be able to repair themselves just as some robots do in movies? There’s no definite answer. For now, cars cannot repair themselves. 

Cars are better at letting drivers know when something has gone wrong. They’re also better at letting drivers know when something has gone wrong. This may mean that we have a “prevention rather than cure” future ahead of us. 

It would be amazing if cars could repair themselves. Those minor bumps and scrapes that all get could be a thing of the past. However, major repairs are a long way off. For now, we’ll have to hope that there’s a promising future ahead for the car industry. We may all need to save more cash as well. When and if self-repairing cars do come into fruition, they’re not likely to be cheap. 

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