WPS Office: A Comprehensive Overview

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Written By Charlotte Miller


WPS Office is a well known office suite that offers an extensive arrangement of efficient tools, including spreadsheets, presentations, and word processors. The most commonly used feature of WPS is that you can convert pdf into other types of files. You can use the link below to know further https://pdf.wps.com/organize-pdf-online/.

The following article follows the complete overview of the WPS Office.

Part 1: High-Quality Processing

Word Processing:

WPS Writer, the word handling part of WPS Office, is intended for making and editing files. It upholds an extensive variety of report designs, including DOC, DOCX, RTF, etc. Users can design text, embed pictures, tables, and charts, and utilize different editing tools, for example, spell-check, punctuation check, and word count.


WPS Calculation sheets are similar to Microsoft Succeed, offering a strong arrangement of highlights for information investigation and control. It upholds a wide assortment of spreadsheet designs, like XLS, XLSX, and CSV. Users can make complex formulas, assemble diagrams and charts, and use graphs for inside and out data analysis.


WPS Presentation is the suite’s solution to Microsoft PowerPoint. It empowers users to make dynamic and connecting slideshows. WPS presentation additionally upholds multimedia joining, empowering the incorporation of audio, videos, and pictures to make presentations more attractive

Part 2: PDF Converter And User-Satisfaction

PDF Support:

WPS Office incorporates a PDF editor, empowering users to make, convert PDF, and alter PDF reports. This component is unquestionably valuable for tasks, for example, finishing up PDF structures, adding explanations, and combining or splitting PDF documents.

Security and Protection:

WPS seriously views information security, offering vigorous encryption choices to safeguard delicate records. It additionally permits users to set record authorizations, control access, and password-product documents. Moreover, it doesn’t need the internet to work, which can be a security advantage.

User-friendly Interface:

The UI of WPS is instinctive and intently looks like Microsoft Office, making it simple for users to change starting with one office suite and then onto the next. Its plan focuses on ease of use, decreasing the expectation to absorb information for new users.

User Review:

One of the user reviews from the trustpilot will tell you how satisfied the customers are.

WPS is probably the most versatile office tool out there. It has, well basically, everything I need to do my work well. What i love most is definitely the tab thing 😀 It allows me to work on different files and types of files (doc, sheet, slide) without having to worry about having a lot of windows open at the same time which can get really messy. And this feature, I haven’t seen elsewhere but WPS. Besides, WPS also offers an “eye protection” mode! My eyes get strained really easily, and so this mode has been a tremendous help. I may sound like a robot or sth but yeh this is my honest review and I really hope y’all can give WPS a try cuz I know I’m not leaving it anytime soon.

Date of experience: July 06, 2023


WPS Office is a robust and versatile office suite that competes well with industry giants like Microsoft Office. Its comprehensive features, cross-platform compatibility, cloud integration, and convert pdf feature make it an attractive choice for both individuals and businesses. WPS Office has you covered, ensuring productivity and efficiency in your work.