X Games To Play at Your Next Nighttime Pool Party

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Written By Charlotte Miller

There is nothing like the summer. Especially when you’re an adult. Sure you have some amazing memories of summer from your childhood. You might remember racing around on your bike, or maybe even your first kiss. But when you become an adult? Summer is a whole different ball game. Think back to all those parties you saw in movies as a kid. Think about how much fun they looked and the sigh you gave when you said to yourself. “Oh well, maybe when I’m older.” Well, guess what? Now we are older! Now we can get up to all of the crazy stuff we’ve ever wanted to do. No more waiting, no more hoping. Now we’re living. We’re keeping ourselves present and excited. Because; we’re throwing one of those parties. One of those parties that people talk about for years. One of those parties where people say: “I met the love of my life, on a hot summer night.” There’s only one problem, however. We have food, we have drinks, but we don’t have any activities! We need games, but what kind? What are we gonna do? Well, I’m so glad you asked…

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An Old Faithful

My first suggestion for any game at any party (for adults mind you!) is to have a game of beer pong! No matter how basic it may seem there’s a reason beer pong is a party staple. Get your friends together. Rack up some cups, and let the liquid libation do its thing as you and your friends start playing. Now, some of you out there might be a little incredulous about this idea. You may even say it seems silly. But what if I told you? That’s the point! Every party needs to have an icebreaker activity. Getting loud and loosening up with your friends is perfect to break that ice. But hey if beer pong is not your thing, then you can always try…

Playing Chicken

Anyone who’s been to a couple of parties in their time knows that when you’re playing these wacky little party games. What you’re really doing is making friends, in a low-pressure environment. You want people to talk at your party, you want people to connect in real tangible ways and all of these games are just fun excuses to facilitate that. One of my favorite party games that does this trick is to host a game of chicken! What’s chicken? Well, for those who don’t know. Chicken is a classic pool party game where you sit on your partner’s shoulders and try to knock down your opponent off their partner’s shoulders. It’s a quirky kind of game that’s just an excuse to wrassle but is a great catalyst for some fantastic emergent comedy. This is a great way to get people in the pool as well!

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Feels Like Floating

So now that we’ve finally gotten our guests into the pool at our pool party, how do we make them stay there? Well, that’s an easy one! Get some pool toys! Now most pool toys are cute and fun, and I personally love a squirt gun (or two) at a party, but in my experience. What hands down always keeps people present in the pool are the floaties. Getting a nice adult-sized float like the ones they have at FUNBOY is an amazing investment for anyone’s pool party. Look at it this way, you have activities for almost all your guests, but what about the people who want nothing more than to chill out, relax and talk with their friends? Now you have an option for them. But not only that with all of the amazing designs that these floats come in they set the vibe as well!

When you’re throwing the perfect pool party it is easy to get caught up in all the guest list making, and activity planning. But I’d say the most important part of any party planning is to keep one thing in mind. That there is one main, special, fantastical ingredient that makes any party magic. It is of such importance, that without it it’s impossible to even have a decent pool party let alone a perfect one. What is that ingredient you ask? That’s easy. It is the friends that you invite over! The people who you love and who love you are what makes our lives worthwhile. And however, you all choose to spend your time together is the perfect way to spend it. It can be chilling out at a pool party, it can be relaxing under the stars on a camping trip. Heck, it can be an all-night square dancing competition. The important thing is that you’re together with the people you love, and in the end, that’s what makes any night perfect!