3 Ways of Extracting Data From a PDF File

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Do you have a PDF file that has valuable data that can aid your dissertation? Perhaps you tried to search for this valuable content on the internet but could not find any other document that has the same resource. After you have swept the entire internet encyclopedia and websites that have reliable information for scholastic reference, and your search still ends up in vain -you’ll be pushed to use technology to aid you in your goal. Because let’s face it, some references in the academic field tend to have no more hard copy left existing, especially if it’s about an uncommonly discussed topic or issue. You can probably re-type what they wrote and cite that study as a reference, right? That’s not the most efficient way we would recommend for you to do it, and you don’t want to spend your precious time typing away data if you can find a quicker way to include it in your study. 

We’re all in for effort, but your brain cells should be reserved for the more demanding work, saved up especially for you in your chosen field of study. If you’re wondering how you could include important references in your thesis, and get around this barricade so you can present your work as a student with the most brilliant, almost-prehistoric-references, then the following are ways to extract data from a PDF:

1. Convert it to Word

If the PDF file is mainly in text then the best thing to do is to convert it into a Word document. When you convert the PDF to Word format this will automatically make the document editable and easy for you to manage. This way all data that you have to state in your study can be easily included as a reference, without the hassle of having to type in every word. With the PDF converted into a word document, you can easily incorporate the text that you specifically need to support that grand claim you have in your thesis. 

2. Convert it to JPG or PNG

However if your PDF file is loaded with images and graphic charts that you need to use as a reference for your study, then the format you need to convert your PDF to is as JPG or PNG. If the PDF is dominated by photographic pictures, then the format to convert your file to is a JPG. If your PDF also has graphic designs, and logos that you want to include in your thesis, it’s better to convert the PDF into a PNG file. 

3. Convert it to Excel

When it comes to tables, however, when you find that a specific table arrangement in the PDF file of your reference will help you arrange your existing tables in a better way, then you can convert that PDF into an Excel format. This way you’ll be able to save time setting up your spreadsheet when you can simply input your own data with the existing table made in the PDF file, this way your tables will take the suited structure for your study that will serve you best. 

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Where Do You Make Hassle-Free PDF Conversions?

Now that you know how to extract the data you need to make your thesis a competent study, all you have to do is find a reliable website to help you convert your PDF files and aid you in creating better documents in the future. Where can you possibly convert PDFs in different kinds of format? The answer is in PDFBear!

PDFBear is an all-around website that can convert your PDF files not just into Word, but also into JPG, PNG, Excel, PowerPoint Presentations, and HTML format. If you’re looking for a way to easily convert these formats into PDF, then PDFBear is also equipped with that. Along with other PDF organizing tools like merging, splitting, deleting PDF pages, and editing tools like adding page numbers, watermarks, and e-signatures to your PDF file, you’ll find that all you will ever need for a PDF is in PDFBear! To create better PDF files, a reliable website that knows the tricks of software technology like PDFBear is your best ally for your file work. 

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In Conclusion

Being a student is hard, especially when you’re on the stage when you are still establishing the foundations of your work. For someone who is still trying to master their chosen career, discovering a quick way to do work effectively will help lift tons of pressure and can be very helpful. Many learners now take advantage of technology as an asset to their student life. But when it comes to the soft copy of your files, not all websites will be reliable. To make sure your work will not tamper, make sure to use PDFBear’s quality tools to help you navigate your files easily!