GogoPDF: PDF Features That Can Make Your Work Easier 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Let’s say you create a newsletter or paperwork in Microsoft Word, and you have to share the file with your co-workers. The problem is, Microsoft Word needs special software to open it. What if your co-workers don’t have the same software that you use? Then when they try to access it, the file will not reflect properly. This is why Microsoft Word is not ideal for file sharing.

By contrast, PDF files are primarily meant for viewing and for not editing. One reason they’re so popular is that PDFs are convenient, and they can preserve document formatting. It makes them more shareable and helps them to look the same on any device. Sharing the documents as a PDF would help ensure everyone can view them as you intended.  

PDF helps in many ways, especially in the business industry and even at home when you need to do an important document. For example, like when you need to send a proposal and other things. And sometimes we have an error, and you need to delete pages from PDF files and make some changes. PDF has this feature that makes it easier for you to do.

Special Features of PDF

1. Multiplatform

PDF files are viewable and printable in all virtual platforms, including windows, Os and android, iPad, or even iPhone, and a lot more. Whatever browser you use, you can be sure that you can access it.

2. Accessible

 PDF Documents work is a flexible technology to help and make information accessible to people with disabilities. You can easily read and access a PDF file with the use of a free PDF reader. 

3. Security

Password provides a simple way of restriction and usage of your PDF file, and your digital signature assures your identity. Setting a password is one way of protecting and preventing your files to be accessed, copying and printing, and even deleting pages from a pdf file.

4. Searchable 

The text search feature in files and metadata makes the PDF document easily searchable. This is very useful, especially when the PDF file is large in size and multi-pages, but some scanned PDF files are not searchable because most of the scanned files are saved as images.

5. Font Management

All fonts used in PDF files can be embedded in the file and will guarantee that the same text will look exactly at the file reproduced. Rest assured that no one will be able to edit them.

6. Form Fields

 PDFs are primarily meant for viewing, not editing. However, there may be times when you encounter a PDF that allows you to enter certain information, like name and address. It allows you to type information into the documents and can save your changes.

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How to Delete Page from PDF 

Remove single or multiple pages from your PDF files with the use of our web-based tool! Select the PDF files from your device and once your file is uploaded and ready to process, choose the pages you want to delete. When you’re done, you can download and save your adjusted PDF file to your computer. Even if you have a large file that can be managed by PDF, you need to upload your file and delete all the things you need to remove. After that, save your modified file then download it to your device. No need to worry about the security of all the information you have because your files are guaranteed to be safe. No one can access them unless you permit them to open your file. All the files and customer information are automatically deleted from our servers after an hour. Here are the steps on how to delete a page from a PDF file.

  1. Upload the file with the pages you want to delete, get the file from your device or computer. After that, drag and drop it into the toolbox. 
  2. Once you upload the document, pick the page you want to delete from the pdf file. 
  3. Save the page you made for your file.
  4. Download the file and edit it to your device or even share it on your social media accounts. 

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In Conclusion 

There are several ways to make our life easier even in our work. We need to look and find the right tools to help us and make the tough task easier. Living in the modern world is a tough one but with the use of our technology, it has become easier. One thing is evident PDF is becoming an important document format in the office and requires software that is both easy to use and sophisticated enough to handle all kinds of files. To visit the website, go to GogoPDF.com for more information. It has over 25 tools that you can use for free, using any device that you have.