4 Facts to Know About Hair Product Cancer Lawsuit

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Hair relaxers are chemical products, which can naturally straighten your curly hair. However, they aren’t safe and may even cause cancer. Being a victim, you should know how to protect your rights and get justice. Here, you will learn the most important things about hair product cancer lawsuit. Check the points below:

  1. Hair Relaxers are Linked to Uterine and Breast Cancer

Using hair relaxers increases the risk of developing uterine and breast cancer. Their active ingredients, such as guanine hydroxide and lye, are possible human carcinogens. Recent studies have linked hair relaxers to uterine and breast cancer.

  1. Numerous Big Companies are Called Defendant

Legal suits have been filed against the top hair relaxer product manufacturers, like L’oreal. Most of those products expose women to risks. Such brands are accused of failing to warn of the risks of developing cancer after using ¬†the products.

  1. Families and Victims Can Get Compensation As Per Product Liability Laws

Victims suffering harm after using a hair-relaxed product can get compensation as per product liability laws. Suppliers and manufacturers are liable for illnesses and injuries caused by hair care products. The product liability cases involve plaintiffs recovering damages for medical expenditure, pain, suffering, lost wages, and a family member’s wrongful death. An attorney can help in seeking justice and the highest financial compensation.

  1. Class Action Litigation Gets Underway in Such Cases

Many class action lawsuits are filed on behalf of people suffering from using hair relaxer products. Numerous individuals get together in class action litigation to sue defendants as a group. Such a type of litigation helps people to band together to seek compensation for suffered injuries, even if an individual has suffered small amounts of damages. Class action lawsuits are potent tools to hold big corporations responsible for the harm caused due to products and seek compensation for victims. The best class action litigation attorneys help you pursue a hair relaxer claim.

The Bottomline

These are the important facts to know about hair product cancer. The best personal injury attorney can investigate your hair relaxer cancer claims. You should consult an attorney  immediately if you or any of your family members develop uterine/breast cancer after using a chemical hair relaxer. Consult the best lawyer today for a detailed consultation. They can effectively handle your product liability cases, including hair relaxer lawsuits.

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