4 Reasons to Always Use a Professional Moving Company

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Everyone’s aware of all the packing, lifting, and unloading that moving house entails – and everyone dreads moving day. For most, it’s right up there with getting a root canal surgery.

Whether you’re moving across the state or country, relocating is stressful and physically draining. Thankfully, you can hire a professional moving service to do most of the work for you.

In fact, hiring a moving company to safely transport your belongings to your new home can solve most of your moving-day woes. Here are four reasons to use one.

1. Avoid the Heavy Lifting

Of course, it’s exciting to move to a new home. But, let’s face it; everyone wants to avoid all the headaches and hassle that come with it. One of the more apparent headaches is moving heavy boxes and pieces of furniture by yourself.

To move heavy items like beds, sofas, wardrobes, etc., you need equipment, several people to help, or inhuman strength to avoid backache at best and a severe injury at worst.

Moving heavy items around corners and down stairs is also a complete nightmare, and other items like TVs and appliances need to be handled very carefully. Hiring reliable moving services means you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

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2. Save Valuable Time

Besides the actual moving, there is a lot to do on moving day. You may need to set up your utility services – like cable, trash, water, and electricity – for your new home and cancel your current utilities. To move heavy items like beds, sofas, wardrobes, etc., you need equipment, several people to help, or extraordinary strength to avoid backache or, at worst, a severe injury. Part of the things to do before moving includes assessing the number and weight of items to be moved and making arrangements accordingly.

Because a professional moving company will deal with loading, transporting, and unloading your mountain of belongings, it will free up a huge chunk of your time. Hiring an apartment mover to manage the logistics will streamline the entire moving process and make it much more efficient.

3. No Need for Equipment

Imagine this: you need to move your queen-size bed down a flight of stairs by yourself. That’s bad enough – but what if you don’t have the Allen key to disassemble it first?

A professional moving company will bring the right-sized truck and all the right tools and equipment to load and unload your large pieces of furniture. Generally, people going the DIY moving route tend to hire smaller trucks and don’t have the right tools – meaning they have to make more trips and also have twice the hassle.

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4. Protect Your Goods

If you decide to transport your belongings yourself, you won’t have much recourse if you damage your goods while transporting them. When you use a licensed and insured moving company, they will carry the liability for damaged goods.

Professional moving companies usually have several options when it comes to insurance coverage. Still, choosing the comprehensive cover option is generally a better idea. When shopping around for a reputable moving company, ask about their license and insurance options to protect your goods.