How to design a digital business card for your newly started business? 5 Tips

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Business cards are a terrific networking tool for clients, partners, and consumers—with long-lasting shine and sophistication. But recently, our increasing reliance on technology has sped up the networking industry’s pace of development. As a result, our business, meetings, and contact sharing are all becoming more paperless and eco-friendly. Business cards made of paper have been a great way to introduce business organizations for decades, but nowadays, many individuals prefer to use digital business cards for the same.

A digital business card has more or less similar uses to a paper one, except that it may include additional information. Aside from that, it should still be neat and professional to give a good impression.

A digital business card can be created easily by anybody and share lots of information in a single tap. The digital card may be made in a pinch on your PC, android, or iPhone. Unlike conventional business cards, there’s no restriction on contact details. 

Creating a digital business card requires knowing what to include and how to include it. Here are our top business card creation tips to make the best digital business card. Remember, you don’t need to utilize every aspect; add what your firm needs.

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  • Title, location, and business information:

You may consider a virtual representation of your company or industry the equivalent of a digital business card in terms of its purpose. Consequently, it must create material that is attractive to its target audience, regardless of whether this audience consists of ordinary people or professionals in the sector.

Most importantly, it should emphasize your name, company, and location. Your name needs to stick out from the rest of the material to make it simple for the reader to locate you in the conversation.

  • Contact details:

Make it easy for others to get in touch with you. How you offer your contact information aids in getting to know you and may facilitate the discovery of common ground. At present, digital business cards have NFC features, which let you share your contact information effortlessly. In addition, NFC business cards let you communicate contact details with a touch. 

  • Web address:

Don’t forget to add a link to your professional website when creating your digital business card. Having your website included on your business card is mandatory. It will help your potential leads know about your business in detail and increase the chances of conversion.

  • Social media handles:

Social media is a vital tool for you and your business; thus, including it on your virtual business card is a must. Your social media profiles are an extension of your website and can provide additional details about your business. 

  • Schemes of colors:

Your digital business card’s many parts need not have complex functionality, but you should still consider their color schemes. Make sure your brand is easily recognizable. Use different fonts, colors, and shapes to spice up your presentation. All of those aspects are essential to your brand’s identity. Keep in mind that the point of the card is to highlight your unique qualities and inspire positive feelings in your audience, not to wow them.

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  • Graphics and images:

Start with a distinct mental picture of one while making your own. Your business card should convey an image of competence, confidence, and warmth to anybody who glances at it. You should include as many visuals as possible to make your card stand out.

Any logo, promotional video, or presentation that introduces your company and its offerings or shows its achievements would be ideal. 

  • An outline of your portfolio:

Your digital business card might include files, websites, or testimonials showcasing your work. Creatively showcase your skills. Positive feedback from business associates or customers deserves recognition here. You may leave complete ratings and comments if your card accepts digital copies. In such a case, a minimum of words will be enough.


You want your business card to convey more than simply your contact details. You need your card to be noticeable and portray you positively since your business card also leaves your business’s first impression on the people. When creating your business card, take your time. You’ll need to be creative for your card display to represent who you are.