4 Tips For Being A Great Online Team Leader

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Written By Berry Mathew

A virtual office background can help create team unity, especially if it is shared across all desktops during a virtual meeting, but it is not the key to being a great online team leader. Remote team managers face many challenges, not the least of which is potentially having team members in different time zones. If you genuinely want to be a great team leader in the modern remote work environment, focus on four specific actions.

1. Communicating With Your Team 

The key to any healthy team is communication. As a leader, you must ensure that every message you deliver is concise and clear. Too many managers or leaders get carried away with trying to be friendly and sweet that their messaging gets muddied.

That said, you can be respectful and professional in your dialogue with your team, but you must also stay away from the abstract and focus on concrete language. Using metaphors and flowery language or going off on tangents can lead to confusion within the team.

2. Celebrating Wins

An excellent leader is about more than the work. While they may put on their serious face when discussing project deadlines against various free Zoom office backgrounds, great leaders know how to celebrate the victories.

If your team has spent months completing a project and finally finished on time and surpassed expectations, a simple pat on the back is not enough reward. Take the time to praise each team member’s contributions and reward them with lunch or break time or something fun.

3. Ensuring Everyone Is Comfortable and Familiar With the Tech

While remote work is becoming normal, it is not comfortable for everyone. Some people have never experienced what work life is like in a virtual office. It is your job as a manager to ensure that every team member knows what you expect and understands how to use the technology and tools specific to the team environment.

Leadership is about more than dishing out deadlines and demands. It is about making sure that every team member reaches their full potential.

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4. Practicing Self-Care

While you might find it fun to experiment with office Zoom backgrounds free, it is not enough when it comes to self-care. Leadership is challenging, and it can feel overwhelming at times. To ensure you bring your best self to the remote office, you must take care of yourself when off the clock.

There are several ways to care for yourself, from time with family to meditation. Most experts stress the importance of exercising and spending time outdoors with the people you love. If you want to be the best leader you can be, it starts with taking care of yourself.

Leadership is a mix of self-care and effective management. You must understand that the people you work with contribute to your success and you to theirs. While stepping into a management role for a virtual team is challenging, it is still possible to succeed with the proper techniques or strategies. Talk to a remote work professional to learn more.