5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Business Cards

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Written By Charlotte Miller

With more people paying attention to the climate crisis and talking about sustainability, businesses around the world are implementing different corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that are aimed at causes related to global warming. More businesses are going paperless, switching to esignature apps, and trying to limit their waste where they can.

One of the paper office supplies that’s slowly getting abolished is a business card. Most paper cards are biodegradable, but that doesn’t make them eco-friendly. Data shows that more than seven million trees are cut each year just to make business cards, and deforestation negatively impacts the ozone layer and our air. Besides that, most business cards get thrown away quickly, which creates a lot of waste.

With all of this in mind, companies and professionals are looking for creative ways to upgrade the old business cards. Let’s explore what are some of the most popular alternatives to standard paper business cards.

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Ebusiness Cards

Ebusiness card are probably the most eco-friendly alternative to paper cards. They’re created on a computer or through a phone app. They contain all the information your paper cards do, but an ebusiness card lets you edit information without creating waste.

There are many solutions you can use, some of them are free, but you would need to pay if you’d like to have some additional features (like CRM integrations).

NFC Business Card

Near-field communication (NFC) helps you share business card information with one tap. You can create your NFC cards through an app, just like you would with your ebusiness card, and connect them to an NFC tag. 

Alternatively, some companies specialize in creating NFC business cards.

So, if you don’t want to go through the creation process by yourself, you can always hire professionals to do custom stationery.

Plantable Cards

About 90% of paper business cards get thrown away almost immediately. So, to combat waste, some companies started creating cards with seed paper.

This way, anyone who gets your cards gets a plant, and at the same time, you don’t have to throw away your outdated versions. 

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Edible Cards

Edible business cards usually come in the form of cookies. They’re a great conversation starter, but they’re not very practical to carry around.

However, you can’t go wrong with delicious cookies, and if you don’t mind carrying them you can ensure that your business cards won’t go to waste.

Cotton Business Cards

Some companies recycle old T-shirts, make them into paper and create business cards out of them. It’s a great tree-free alternative to regular paper cards.

You can still create your design and print in various colors, you would just have beautiful, eco-friendly, naturally textured business cards.

Final Thoughts

Business cards have been around for centuries, but it’s time we updated them. We understand that one company switching to an ebusiness card won’t stop climate change, but it will get more people interested in other sustainable alternatives to paper business cards.

Not to mention, in a post-coronavirus world, with events being held online, it’s more practical to have a digital card, no matter how delicious that cookie business card is.


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