5 Realizations Digital Nomads Had This Pandemic

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The massive advancement in technology in terms of Internet use, smartphone accessibility, and VoIP has allowed ease of doing digital interaction with anyone anywhere on the globe. It also opened various opportunities to work remotely, given the current pandemic situation. Thus, it seemed like digital nomads are protected to its harsh impacts.

Digital nomads chose a career-altering profession from switching from the traditional 9-to-5 job to a career filled with adventure traveling from country to country regularly. The majority of digital nomads travel the globe alone while at the same time making a living from online platforms. Simply put, the Internet is their workplace, while the world is their playground. 

Despite the abovementioned perks of being a digital nomad, here are some realizations they experienced during the Covid pandemic:

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To Travel Or Go Back Home?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented problem for digital nomads who are constantly on the road. Countries imposing stringent lockdown procedures and travel shutdowns to control the viral spread have made travel difficult for nomads. 

Digital nomads are caught in the dilemma of pushing forward despite the lockdowns or opt to go back home. This is evidenced by the limited number of days of stay allowable per nation visited.

But in some cases, getting stranded in a beautiful paradise all by yourself is the best experience that travelers preferred governments imposing a lockdown than to make that difficult decision to stay or go.

COVID-19’s Effect On Business And The Nomadic Life

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in multiple businesses going under. Government-imposed lockdowns took their toll among small businesses and establishments. Unfortunately, digital nomads are not exempt from this scenario to some extent. 

The uncertainty of job security among digital nomads depends on the company’s ability for business sustainability. Whereas nomads working freelance are, to some degree, the most affected parties. Freelancers are usually on project-based short-term employment. Hence, they must secure a steady supply of online tasks to sustain their nomadic lifestyle. 

The economic instability caused by the pandemic greatly affects the digital nomad’s perception of personal job security. The increased numbers of displaced employees turn to online jobs to sustain a livelihood. Thus, this can be a source of competition among digital nomads and non-nomads. Furthermore, the scenario of being stuck in a location without cash and means of earning a living can be a very serious problem for digital nomads.

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The Rapid Rise Of Remote Work

Most businesses forced to shut down during the pandemic have resulted in online means to achieve corporate sustainability. Outsourced remote jobs replaced the traditional office work atmosphere. This is a distinct advantage for most nomads, given the nature of their lifestyle. 

Without being chained to the office, digital nomads are free to travel as much as they like, provided that they secure a stable online career. The increasing popularity of remote jobs across the globe proved very favorable to most digital nomads. There is a steady supply of online jobs to choose from. 

Given the multitude of individuals constantly applying for online job opportunities, the challenge for digital nomads would be to stand out among the rest. Due to the tight competition, working travelers realized they needed an upskilling to tap other areas and offer something new to their clients.

Most Digital Nomads Chose To Live A Life Of Adventure

A digital nomad’s life involves many uncertainties. This pandemic further exemplifies this wherein the global lockdowns made traveling places difficult. Every digital nomad’s dream revolves around the opportunity of exploring the world, meeting fresh faces, and learning new cultures. They will exchange their six-figure office job for a chance to travel the world. 

It may be painful at first since the experience is a revolutionary one at that. But for someone eager to maintain this lifestyle for a while, our friends could find a way to defeat issues and uncertainties that hound their chosen career and work setup. Whatever hurdles there is, they continue to cross out their bucket list travel goals.

Digital Nomad Pandemic Pitfalls

A digital nomad pitfall includes the uncertainty of this present occupation. Constant traveling may impede a person’s ability to work obligations and be preoccupied only with traveling. There is this risk of personal danger since not every location traveled to is a familiar one. Despite these realizations, being a digital nomad has its upsides. For one, the traveling experience of being a digital nomad is worth it. Moreover, the uncertainty and thrill of the unknown make for an adventure of a lifetime. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has put the promising career of a would-be digital nomad on hold. Given the current lockdowns and quarantine protocols, it made traveling from place to place more challenging. 

Looking on the bright side, some of these lucky travelers were stuck in paradise and unable to leave due to the travel restraints. Those who figured out how they could sustain their lifestyles amidst the economic downturns can still work independently like normal.