Benefits of Planting Trees for Students

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Kids are very creative and they are very sensitive regarding whatever they are taught in school and at home. Kids are like blank slates, hence, parents and tutors should keep an eye that kids should be taught some good attributes and beneficial habits among which one of the good things which kids should be taught in their tender age is planting the trees. Some scholar once said that by planting trees one can plant a new life and when you take care of trees, they take care of you. And this thing is proved by science also that trees are our best friends and they do a lot of good things for us more than our imagination. School LMS also tries to arrange such activities which can bring the kids nearer to nature. Also, school LMS makes students participate in such activities to learn the importance of trees and greenery around them. Today students are learning so much through online learning, they are getting unlimited resources of information regarding any topic and LMS portals are also helping them. LMS portals are keeping their online learning safe. So, as every good work starts from home the parents need to make their kids their farming buddies in this good work. 

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Planting a tree with your children can be the most amazing thing you have ever done with children. It can be a good chance for you to return something to the environment and give an invitation to birds, insects and other creatures in your habitat. When your child works with you in the garden then he or she learns about a few things very quickly. Planting a tree means planting a life and caring for it daily like watering it and putting fertilizers in their roots gives them a sense of caring and receiving satisfaction from it. You as parents can start it from involving your kids in gardening like ploughing the garden, putting seeds or making space in soil and planting the trees there, daily watering them and putting fertilizers regularly in them, removing old leaves and trimming its branches and leaves to give those plants good shape. Also, if you don’t have a garden then you can start a kitchen garden on the terrace where you can grow essential vegetables for daily and seasonal use and make your child understand the importance of those vegetables along with making them memorize the names of those different vegetables. Gardening is the best way to teach the students about environmental awareness by exploring the working of nature. 

A green garden is always a wonderland for the kids and students as they not only enjoy their fresh air but also, they learn a lot in the garden. Children learn there how plants grow, details about photosynthesis, about different flowers and their name, they learn about nature and start loving it and contribute more and more to benefit nature instead of harming it. So, let’s understand other benefits of planting trees for the students:

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  • When as parents you make your child plant the tree, then he/she is also taught to water the plant for its survival which he/she does daily as care and this process of caring generates a sense of responsibility in the kids.
  • When kids plant a tree and it survives then it gives self-confidence that they can take any task and accomplish it successfully with fruitful results.
  • Taking care of plants in the garden or in the terrace garden, daily watering them, putting fertilizers and grooming those plants increases interest and lives for nature in the kids.
  • Students get to see things practically happening they read in their biology books and understand the process of germination of seeds, their food chain, how flowers grow, how the plants stay green and how they die etc. All this practical knowledge sometimes gives them a way to develop this interest as a career.
  • Doing this job daily brings the kids in a continuous disciplinary schedule which makes them disciplined also in personal life as well as digging soil, putting fertilizers in soil, watering the plants, plucking the old leaves and trimming the plant’s branches proves to be a proper physical exercise which keeps the students and kids healthy and happy too.