5 Reasons to use a time card app for your business

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Written By Charlotte Miller

It is vital to adopt new technologies and solutions to improve your company in today’s day and age. Some of these are essential, and you cannot conduct your business without them. On the other hand, there are those designed to facilitate the work. Surely, you have heard about time card apps. Many managers have already implemented them in their businesses, and here is why you should do the same.

Track your employees

If you run a company with a remote team, you probably wonder how honest people are about the time they put in and their whereabouts. Don’t worry. You are not the only one, and this is the first reason you should invest in this solution. It will provide you with a clear picture of the time every employee starts and finishes their workday. Employee Attendance Tracker is a crucial feature, and you can learn how it works before you install one. 

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Manage payroll

Up until recently, calculating everyone’s salary based on the hours they put in, vacation, and sick days was a nightmare. You had to go over every report, look for all the details, write down and sum up the hours, etc. However, a time card app has changed this, making your job that much easier. Instead of going through the entire process step by step, you can use the app to download the information and do all the calculations in only a fraction of the time you had to invest in the past. Plus, since the process is automated, the chances of errors occurring are practically nonexistent. 

Boost customer satisfaction

Besides the employees, your clients are your most important asset, and to improve your company is to boost their satisfaction. The best way to do this is to be at their disposal 24/7, but let’s take this to the next level. When a customer contacts you, you can use this app and its GSP tracking feature to see which employee is closest to the client’s location and immediately dispatch them. This will not only ensure customer satisfaction with your work and company but also boost the overall productivity of your employees. 

Stay on the schedule

If you have several projects at the moment, the organization is the most important thing. It is the only way to ensure all of them will be completed successfully. Therefore, this app enables you to create a timetable, assign employees to the work that needs to be done, and quickly notify them if any changes need to be made. Plus, creating the following week’s schedule is very easy since the solution provides you with all the info you need.

Save money

This is probably the biggest benefit, and the truth is that this app can help you save money in numerous different ways. Since you can track people’s movements, you will be able to see if they use the company’s vehicles outside their working hours, and decrease fuel consumption. On the other hand, since it facilitates the payroll process, you won’t overpay some people if it turns out they got in late or left the work early. 

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