5 Tips on How to Make the Most of Online Whiteboard

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Teams in various businesses worldwide use whiteboards to enhance collaborative processes and share ideas in the office. But with the increasing popularity of remote work in the post-Covid era, fully distributed teams need a reliable collaboration tool to act as a whiteboard in their digital offices. And, an online whiteboard seems to be a perfect solution for remote cross-team collaboration. 

Suppose you start using an online whiteboard during your virtual team meetings. Then, you can edit or comment on the shared electronic documents, exchanging ideas and suggestions just like in a real office. 

You can use this effective digital tool for brainstorming, visual thinking, or teaching. But, here, you’ll find out how to take your remote team collaboration to the next level and make the most of online whiteboards in meetings.

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Make Online Whiteboarding Sessions a Standard Practice

Video conferencing should be the time when you meet with your team members and share the important information and ideas to contribute to reaching set goals and overall business success. 

However, frequent meetings can take up more time than needed, causing so-called Zoom fatigue in employees. And this can affect their performance and engagement. 

If you want to make your video conferencing more interesting, sparking new ideas about ongoing projects, introduce online whiteboards in every team meeting. in this way, you’ll allow every team member to participate in real-time creative discussions regardless of where they are. 

Use Already-Made Templates to Keep Your Focus on Burning Issues

Brainstorming is a valuable collaborative practice where every employee can share their ideas. And every idea counts.

 However, if you need to tackle a significant issue during your online whiteboarding session, it’s crucial to stay focused on ideas that can solve this specific problem. Pre-prepared online whiteboard templates can help you stay focused on the main topic, listing ideas by relevance, and putting the most relevant at the top.

Once you finish your main discussion you can pay more attention to off-topic ideas in the “parking lot.”

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Make the Most of the Infinite Canvas

Infinite canvas is a feature that most advanced online whiteboards offer. It gives you an unrestricted surface to work on without having to erase a thing. 

You can upload images, documents, or videos to gain a big picture needed to tackle significant projects and let your teams visualize and work on various aspects in real-time. 

This will not only enhance cross-team collaboration, but it will also offer a comprehensive overview of demanding projects you need to complete together.

Enhance Collaboration with Whiteboarding Sessions 

Online whiteboards’ greatest feature is that this tool enhances cross-team collaboration, allowing all employees to share their ideas and suggestions. Using an online whiteboard to present their view of the problem may be a perfect solution for employees who are reluctant to voice their opinions on regular video calls. 

You can use various features during an online whiteboarding session. You can add notes, or comments on the whiteboard, exchange messages via chat, or delegate tasks to one another. All this can take team collaboration to the next level, building interpersonal relationships along the way.

Wrap Up 

One of the biggest concerns of managers who transferred their businesses online was how to ensure seamless communication and collaboration between teams that don’t share the physical offices. Technology came to the rescue offering video conferencing platforms and project management tools to make this happen. 

But only the video calls with online whiteboards in them succeed in recreating a dynamic atmosphere from the office where employees have the opportunity to share their ideas in the real-time using numerous features.


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