5 Things To Consider When Choosing Workers Comp Insurance

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Job-related illnesses, injuries, and fatalities can be intimidating for small businesses. Apart from productivity and morale, they can be costly in terms of insurance premiums and pocket expenses.

Small businesses must build a culture of prioritizing workplace safety to mitigate these risks. You must also ensure your enterprise is sufficiently covered with employee comp insurance.

If you have a new business, finding the best insurance may look like an intimidating task. Here are things to consider when choosing worker’s comp insurance.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Workers Comp Insurance

Find A Good Agent Or Broker

It would help to get a good broker when looking for the best worker’s comp insurance. They will enlighten you on the best policies to secure your business. Get a partner who is an expert agent and has adequate knowledge in your industry.

An agent understands the worker’s comp requirements in the jurisdiction applicable to your enterprise. Cerity Insurance (see more at https://cerity.com/) can counsel you on methods to implement safety measures that help in reducing the insurance premium.

Know Your State Requirements

Workers’ compensation requirements are different from state to state. Suppose your employees work in several states or consider opening a branch in another. In that case, you need an insurance provider with vast knowledge of policies that apply to your business in every location.

Every state mandates the employee’s comp coverage that you must purchase. As you choose a provider, understand what benefits injured workers enjoy. Cerity Insurance understands all the requirements in different states and can help you navigate the process quickly.

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Create A Safety Plan

We all know prevention is better than cure. Implement a safety plan and create business policies that reduce work-related injuries. Simple steps like appropriate protective gear, ladder safety, regular training, and proper signage can help minimize claims. 

Some states provide premium discounts for workplace safety programs. Work with Cerity Insurance to determine if discounts are available in your state.

Understand What Workers’ Compensation Insurance Covers

The worker’s comp covers body injuries by an accident that occurs in the course or scope of employment. It also covers bodily damages caused by workplace conditions. Benefits like medical treatment are paid regardless of who is responsible for the accident or injury.

However, this benefit does not apply to employees involved in criminal activities, self-inflicted injuries, illicit drug use, or suicide. Cerity Insurance protects you from civil liability for law injury claims that occur in the course of employment.

Review Your Policy Regularly

Every year, most insurance policies are reviewed. It is essential to review your policy with Cerity Insurance and address changes in your company operations that may impact coverage or premium.

This change involves the kind of work done at the company, the state where your employees work, and the total payroll. Depending on the changes, you can save money on your policy.


Workers comp insurance is a vital policy every small business owner must have to stay ahead in a competitive environment. Finding the best insurance company can be intimidating if you have a new business. Consider the above factors to understand worker’s comp insurance and help you get the best provider in your state.