5 Ways You Can Use Your CPR & First Aid Certification Online

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Knowing CPR and First Aid is helpful for just about anyone. According to the American Heart Association, about 350,000 sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs) happen outside the hospital each year. So, learning CPR is a valuable skill. By earning a first aid endorsement, you can count yourself as prepared for just about any emergency.

Some occupations require that you obtain CPR and first-aid skills, so these types of skills can make you stand out on a resume. The following information gives you more details about how you can use the certifications on the job

By letting employers know you have CPR and first aid certifications, you can further demonstrate your usefulness and value. These skills can be true lifesavers for treating people of all ages. You can test now for get your CPR & First Aid certification online.

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  1. Offering CPR or First Aid as an Electrician or Construction Employee

Electric shocks, falls, and similar hazards are some of the dangers electricians face. If you are working with another co-worker and he or she receives a shock, you will know what to do if you know CPR and First Aid. Learning these skills will allow you to help someone while waiting for help to arrive.

Construction workers also face job hazards. They are subject to falling and may get hurt carrying heavy materials. Some laborers work in various kinds of weather and handle power tools. In this type of high-risk environment, you owe it to yourself as well as your peers to arm yourself with knowledge. In this case, CPR training and an understanding of First Aid can take you far on the job site.

  1. Using CPR or First Aid in the Childcare Field

Even if you use the most vigilance as a babysitter or a preschool teacher, small children can get hurt. Toddlers can choke on small toys or objects they place in their mouths or suddenly place themselves in the way of danger. By knowing CPR and first aid, you will increase your confidence as well as calm the fears of parents.

  1. Increasing Your Credibility as a Personal Trainer or Coach

Athletes and people who work out may pull a muscle or suffer cardiac arrest. After all, some sports or physical activities push people to the limit. In some situations, work out too hard. By getting certified in CPR and First Aid, you can use your knowledge to help athletes or clients during emergencies.

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  1. Helping Passengers as a Flight Attendant

Do you work for an airline? If so, they will look at your resume more closely if you can show the employers you received CPR and First Aid Training. Having this knowledge comes in handy, especially if a passenger suddenly becomes ill or is injured unexpectedly.

Needless to say, if you are in a plane flying at 30,000 feet, you must be prepared for just about anything. Not every flight will have a medical professional on board. Therefore, obtaining a certification in CPR and First Aid is important as is knowing how to operate an automated external defibrillator (AED). An AED is a machine used to stabilize the heart’s rhythm during a sudden cardiac arrest (SDA).

  1. Using CPR and First Aid During a Fire

If you work as a firefighter, it is imperative you know CPR and First Aid. This skill set is helpful if you need to administer first aid or give CPR during a house fire or after an auto wreck. Firefighters may need to help people who have inhaled too much smoke or who have received lacerations, bruising or fractures.

As you can see, knowing CPR and First Aid is something that will help you both personally and professionally. Go online and take the training today. You can get certified by taking up first aid and CPR courses in reputable training facilities such as Coast to Coast First Aid & Aquatics in Oakville Ontario which also offers online training and certification.