Improve Sales Performance – Why Do Sales Reps Fail To Achieve Their Potential?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Setting a new sales goal is quite similar to how you want to set up your new year goals. At the start, many of us start with enthusiasm but after some time the progress of our goals slows down for one reason or other. Failing to complete the goal also affects the sales performance. Studies show that only about 8% of people get success in meeting their goals. And another 24% of folks don’t succeed in meeting their goals. 

If it affects sales performance, then, what else does it consist of?

Sales performance is the measurement of sales activity and the related results you get by completing these activities along with meeting your sales goals. 

A good sales performance is valued by everyone but it is also difficult to achieve. However, with enough practice, dedication, and consistency, you will be able to improve your sales performance in no time. 

Let’s take a look at how you can improve your sales performance


Have a Right Mindset

Possessing the right mindset has to do a lot in meeting your goals. 

If you’re a top performer and approach your work with an ‘I can’t do this’ mindset, then you can’t complete your work. 

Even if you are a beginner and approach your work with a positive mindset, then you can ace your job. Just a shift in mindset can do wonders. 

Though, it takes a lot of experience and effort to be a high achiever in your field. But this sure sounds like a first step in the right direction. 

Having the right mindset also helps you to deal with the rough patches in your professional development. At first, it will be tough but over time it can contribute to improving your sales performance.

Focus on the Vertical Market to Improve Your Business Acumen

Business acumen is defined as the level of understanding of how a business runs – it gives you credibility when you position your services or product. 

It’s important to improve your business acumen as sales professionals you need to show the prospects that the products you’re selling are worth their time. 

To do this, you need to develop a thorough knowledge of how your product can provide value to their business. Hence, it’s always a good idea to learn how a company works in your target niche. That’s why you should be aware of the current trends, possible challenges by reading popular business publications, or financial reports. 

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Be Organized

A major way of improving your sales performance is by getting organized. Not doing the work on time, doing unimportant tasks first can affect the sales performance in a negative way. 

If you lack organization, then you should ask someone to help you out. You can take the help of any organized person in your team to walk you through their process to inspire you. Focus on one or two things first and adjust accordingly to your requirement.

Review the Necessary Data For Your Role and Position

Many times, salespeople are allocated certain sales quotas and sales growth metrics to complete. Later, the data is published which allows sales reps to check in with the top performers. 

Another way to improve sales performance is to include data in your daily activity. To do so, you need to understand how KPIs and metrics work, which are important and which to overachieve and how it affects your performance. It’s also important to know that different teams have different metrics to deal with. Hence, keep in mind that the definition of success will vary from person to person. So, avoid comparing yourself with others. 

Set Some Strong Goals to Achieve

To improve your sales performance, you need to work beyond completing your daily activities. Of course, meeting your sales quota is one way, apart from that setting some high-minded goal can help you to improve your sales performance. 

You should set the kind of goals that are within reach, ambitious, and allow you to improve. It encourages you to keep working hard and also gives you some room in case you fall short. 

When you write down goals make sure that they are measurable, trackable through sales performance management software, and contribute to improving your sales performance. 

You can ask for feedback from your teammates and peers and can also take their help to remain accountable. It will give the right guidance and also improve your sales performance. 

Create a Personal Development Plan

Working in a sales career provides you with many opportunities to learn and grow. When you put in enough effort, it lets you grow at a rapid phase. 

And the best way to do so is to build a personal development plan to polish and improve your skills within a particular time frame. 

You can start by focusing on one or two skills each month and document your journey to check later on how you improved.

Also, you can ask your manager to give you a training plan material to help you to get to the next level. 

Continuously improving your skills is a great way to improve your sales performance. Though it needs your time and commitment it opens new doors of opportunities, meets your goals, and also increases SaaS sales.