50 Popular Nouns Beginning with R to Raise Your Vocabulary

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Come and check this impressive list of words that begin with R. In the contemporary English alphabet, R is the eighteenth letter. The letter R can be traced back to Egyptian hieroglyphs, where it was the symbol for head. The Phoenician’s used what resembled a flag pointing to the left as an icon for R. The Greeks transformed it to point to the right and also added the additional stroke that makes a modern-looking R.

What would be your response to raise your vocabulary rapidly? Honestly, analysis is the most effective way to improve our vocabulary. However, going through word lists can be an interesting and also reliable undertaking. Here are 50 of the most prominent R-nouns. When you are ready to learn more nouns starting with R, richardharringtonblog is a highly recommended source.

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Rabbit a small, long-eared creature with soft fur that jumps as well as delves
Race a contest to see that moves the quickest
Radio a kind of communication where sounds are converted into electromagnetic waves
Rain a rainstorm of water or various other material
Range an order or collection
Rate a ratio or proportion
Rating an assigned setting or standing
Ratio the relation to a whole
Reaction a reaction
Reader a person that checks out
Reality the high quality of being true
Reason the cause for something to take place
Recipe a formula or directions to do or make something
Record A permanent file of something
Recovery the return of something
Reference a mention of a scenario
Region a particular area within a larger area
Registration the act of registering for something
Relationship a connection in between 2 people or things
Relief a remedy, aid, or leisure
Religion an idea in a higher power
Replacement an individual or thing that fills in another
Report a collection of info concerning something
Request a question or point asked
Research an assessment or research study
Resistance a rejection to give into something
Resolution a solution or judgment for something to be done
Resort a vacation place with food as well as home entertainment
Resource a supply brought into play
Respect a program of affection for someone or something
Response a solution to something
Responsibility liability or responsibility towards something
Rest relaxation or sleep
Restaurant a place of business where food and also drinks can be picked
Result the result of an action
Revenue income, particularly cash absorbed by a company by marketing product and services
Review an evaluation, report, or analysis
Right something that is appropriate or accurate
Ring a grouped item of fashion jewelry used around the finger
Risk the opportunity or possibility of loss
River a stream of water that empties into one more body of water
Road a course, training course, or space for traveling between places
Rock a tough mass of rock
Role a part that someone executes in a job or task
Room an area made for people to be in
Root the part of the plant that is underground
Round something in a circular shape
Route a course for travel
Row a number of people or points set up in a line
Rule a main law

A noun is an individual, place, point, or idea. Numerous nouns need to be accompanied by short articles, such as “a,” “an,” or “the.” For example, “a hospital” or “the street.”

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One of the main features of nouns is to function as the subject of the sentence. So, in the sentence, “The desk has lots of books on it,” “desk” is a noun. Nouns are also straight objects. In the sentence, “Your teacher should show respect,” “respect” is the direct item. It’s the object of the verb “show.”.

Do not stop your look for R-words there. Review the above list regularly or even every day. Soon You are sure to take pleasure in increasing your vocabulary with nouns that start with R.