7 Amazing Facts About Cancer That Will Surprise You

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Cancer is one of the scariest and horrible diseases as its name is enough to make anyone’s heartbeat skip. According to a research study, millions of cancer diagnoses occur every year, leading to thousands of worldwide deaths. Different risk factors are associated with cancer that eventually becomes its primary cause. Other cancer types arise due to various reasons. Smoking and alcohol consumption are common causes of lung and liver cancer. These are the controllable factors, but not every cancer patient is a smoker or a drinker. 

Every individual’s body is different, so the growth of cancerous cells also starts due to various reasons. Also, the immune system of every individual reacts differently. It means that if one patient has recovered from cancer in one year, the same will not happen to the other. Each of us has different power of resistance, so the fighting capability of the body with diseases also varies. Diagnosis is the most vital factor of cancer treatment. The patient has better chances of survival if the cancer is diagnosed at the initial stages. Now without further ado, let’s find out some interesting facts about cancer.  

Asbestos Exposure Causes Cancer

A fibrous silicate material known as asbestos causes mesothelioma, cancer. It is mainly found in construction products that can damage the lining of the lungs. When the toxic particles of asbestos spread in the air, anybody can inhale them. As a result, the tumor grows in the individual’s body. The mesothelioma victims can also challenge their employer legally. They can consult any firm such as Sokolove Law to claim the legal compensation to cover the medical expenses. 

According to their condition, mesothelioma patients need to know about their legal rights to file claims in court. Also, they should know about the products that contain asbestos to take measures to protect themselves. Wearing safety equipment is also compulsory while working at a place with possible asbestos. This single material can destroy the health of any individual, so it is better to take precautions to protect yourself.   

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Cell Phones Does not Cause cancer

There is no solid proof yet that cell phones cause cancer. The myth was developed that devices cause cancer by emitting radiation. In reality, radiofrequency radiation is non-ionizing which does not increase cancer risk. The research studies have revealed that non-ionizing radiation from radar, cell phones, and different sources do not cause cancer. Medical science has proven nothing yet, so it would be correct to say that cell phones and other devices do not cause cancer. 

Herbal Medicines Do Not Cure Cancer 

Another misconception related to cancer is that herbal medicines are the right solution for its treatment. Some therapies, including meditation, acupuncture, and yoga, can reduce the side effects of cancer treatment. But according to medical experts, herbal medicines can not cure cancer because it is natural. In fact, in some cases, herbal supplements can harm an individual’s health. 

According to medical research, herbal supplements can help reduce stress and anxiety and affect the liver. Before using any supplement, you must consult the doctor to ensure that it does not cause any side effects. 

Cancer Does Not Run in Genetics

There are only a few exceptional cases, around 3 to 10%, where cancers are passed genetically. But they are the minority cases where mutations are inherited from parents. Once people start aging, the chances of developing cancer also increase. Most cancers occur due to changes in cells that gradually form cancerous cells in the patient’s body.  

Cancer Does not Always Come Back

Many people think that even after cancer treatment, it can come back, which is not valid. Medical science has made advancements that show that current therapies can ultimately kill cancer. There are some cancer types where chances of growth are present even after the recovery. It makes it difficult for patients to understand whether they can be cured entirely or not. As mentioned above, every individual’s body is different and reacts differently. So, it is essential to keep track of your health on an individual basis rather than generalizing yourself. 

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Cancer Surgery is Reliable

Among a few misconceptions, people also misunderstand that cancer surgery makes the tumor grow rather than remove it. Advancement in health equipment and technology is good enough and considered a reliable treatment method. Through imaging tests, surgery is performed to identify and remove the tumor entirely from the body. 

Another myth is that the chances of tumor growth increase when it is exposed to the air. Surgery is one of the best cancer treatment methods that play a crucial role in preventing cancer growth, so there is no harm in opting for that method. 

Cancer is Curable 

It is essential to share that cancer is curable as most people think it is impossible to recover from this disease. Medical science has evolved big time in the recent past, significantly impacting cancer treatment methods. 

According to a statistical study, thyroid and testicular cancer have the highest cure rate of 60%. Also, cancer patients’ life expectancy is the same as the general public. Other types of cancers like prostate, breast, and bladder also have a cure rate of 50%. 


It is a tough task to live life as a cancer patient as there are many risk factors that you need to take care of. But with advancements in medical science, many reliable treatment methods can ensure recovery. Diagnosis is the most crucial factor when it comes to cancer treatment methods. The early it is diagnosed, the better the treatment prospects will be. Also, you have to take care of your diet and medications after consulting the doctor to regain your old health condition. It would be better if you will not pay attention to any of the myths related to cancer. The best thing is to consult your peer or relative who has gone through a similar situation before moving forward with medical assistance. Also, it will help you consult the right medical professional.