7 Benefits of After School Math Programs

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Written By Charlotte Miller

What are the benefits of after-school math programs? You may be wondering about this as you look into taking your child to an after-school program for math or considering enrolling your own child in an online math class. The answer is that these classes will give your child a number of important skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Online classes combine the benefits of playing video games with practicing core math skills, helping your child excel in every way possible. Here are 7 ways online classes like QuestMath online classes or others can benefit your child, and why you should strongly consider enrolling your child in them.

1) Builds independence

The independence children learn in an after-school math program can help them develop better organizational skills and problem-solving techniques that will benefit them throughout their lives. It’s also a chance for your child to work on something outside of school, which makes them feel like they have some control over their life.

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2) Builds confidence

The importance of confidence can’t be overstated. Confidence, after all, is what enables us to go out into our world and do great things. Without it, we would never reach our full potential in life. In fact, much like happiness, confidence is a skill that takes practice.

3) Improves concentration

Students often complain about being bored and find it difficult to concentrate on their homework, as they are uninterested in what they are doing. A good math program can help alleviate these issues by introducing concepts at a level that is not too hard or too easy, but just right for your child.

4) Practice problem-solving skills

Focusing on math after school helps students learn problem-solving skills, which in turn helps them tackle math problems on their own. While problem-solving may not be top of mind for many teachers, working with young people on these skills is a great way to help nurture their self-reliance and independence.

5) Build number sense

According to educational nonprofit organizations like Mathematics in Education and Research, children who learn basic math concepts before they reach second grade are less likely to struggle with math down the road. 

6) Better for self-esteem

A study conducted by Indiana University and Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago found that students enrolled in after-school math programs had a better sense of self-worth. These students were also less likely to skip school, more likely to stay in school, and more likely to perform well on tests compared with their peers. 

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7) Good way to get prepared for math class in the morning

Most schools offer some kind of after-school program. These classes will help your child review what they learned in school and make sure they have a grasp on new concepts, so when they do get to school in the morning, they won’t feel as if it’s all brand new information.


The goal of after-school math programs is to provide children with tools that will help them grow and succeed in their academic careers. Ultimately, your child’s success in life depends on his or her ability to understand and apply mathematical concepts. By providing children with quality, focused education from a young age, you are putting them on a path to long-term success.


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