7 Easy Ways to Save Space in Small Bathrooms

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The bathroom is the first place we go to in the morning and the last place we go to before heading to bed at night. So, it’s safe to say that the bathroom is an important place in the house. And sometimes, taking a shower isn’t just a daily routine. Some of us like to take a long shower to just unwind. A long hot shower is relaxing and is, metaphorically speaking, good for the soul.

However, not all of us have the luxury of having a big bathroom space. But fret not as you can still maximize small bathroom space. All you need to do is organize and make use of clever storage ideas. Having a spacious and nice-looking bathroom is great because you can look forward to your daily routines. So, in this article, we’ll tackle seven clever ways to save space in your bathroom and keep your things organized. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Use over the toilet storage

The space above your toilet can be used for toiletries and other bathroom items. Virtually, you’re not taking up any floor space when you utilize the space above your toilet. So, look for an over the toilet storage with the perfect size for your bathroom. This type of storage comes in different colors and sizes. They also come with layers and compartments, so you can choose the perfect one to accommodate all your toiletries and bathroom items. Pick the right color to match your bathroom tiles and walls for an aesthetically pleasing theme.

  • Install wall shelves

Your walls can also serve as storage! There is an array of wall shelves available online and in-stores. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to match your bathroom’s theme. Just securely mount the wall shelves on your wall and you can place lightweight bathroom items there. Make sure to know the weight capacity of the wall shelves. You don’t want your things to fall over all of a sudden, so only place items that can be held by your wall shelves.

With a wall shelf or bathroom wall cabinet, you’re also not taking up any floor space, so your bathroom can still be spacious!

  • Get a storage rack with several layers

For those who are living with other people under one roof, it’s good to keep your bathroom items accordingly. A storage rack with several layers can be used to organize your items depending on their frequency of use. For example, you can place your most-used items like facial wash, soap, and shampoo on the first layer of the rack. Then you can place lesser-used items like scrubs or hair coloring products on the next layers. The key is to make frequently-used items easily accessible. This helps you save time and effort when you’re getting ready. Storage racks also help you save space by only using one part of the bathroom.

  • Use a shower caddy

If you just want a small storage idea for your basic bathroom necessities, then a shower caddy is the perfect choice! Place your soap, shampoo, and conditioner on the shower caddy. This makes it easy for you to reach when taking a shower. You can also hang your loofah or body sponge there for when you need to exfoliate. Just like wall shelves and over the toilet storage, you’re virtually taking up no floor space. A shower caddy just hangs on your shower, so just make sure you’re not putting too much weight on it.

  •  Install a bathroom mirror cabinet

For your facial products, toothpaste, toothbrush, and the likes, it’s best to store them in a bathroom mirror cabinet. You can also keep medicines and other items you want to keep away from children inside. It doubles as both a mirror and cabinet, and it’s mounted above your sink, so it’s also taking up no space, virtually no space.

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Where to get the best storage items?

We’ve listed down five clever ways for you to save space in your bathroom and organize your items. But where exactly is the best place to get all these storage ideas? Although there are many options online and in-stores, our best bet is Storables.com. You will find unique storage items there which you can’t get at typical home depots. At Storables.com, you can find the perfect storage items with the best prices. So you don’t only get great quality items that are unique, but you’ll also be sure of your money’s worth.

Apart from storage items, their website also has a top of articles on tips and tricks for maximizing your bathroom space. You can also find articles on making your home more liveable. It’s your one-stop website for all your home and garden needs. Check it out for yourself and give your home and garden the makeover it needs!

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Give your bathroom some TLC!

So there you have it, our list of clever ways to save space in your bathroom. The key is to find the right type of storage so you can maximize space. With the proper storage items and organization, your small bathroom will still look and feel spacious.

We hope this article helps you out in maximizing your bathroom space and organizing your toiletries. Since the bathroom is considered a special place in any house, it also needs some tenderness, love, and care. Keep your bathroom neat and tidy, not just for yourself, but also for your housemates and guests. Good luck!