Home Tips: 7 Easy Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Garage

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Most people mistake their garage for a storage area. Whether they have a car or not, the garage is mostly used to store items that they no longer need but are too valuable to throw away. Some people convert their garage into a workshop or other activity place. In that way, they will have additional space to conduct other activities.

Regardless of how you use your garage, there is a high chance that you sometimes take it for granted. Since it is not the part of the house where people often visit, it sometimes looks too cluttered and unorganized. However, did you know that maintaining your garage is as easy as what you do for the other parts of the house?

How to organize your garage

In this article, we will list down some of the most effective tips in organizing your garage. From creating a reasonable floor plan up to garage shelves DIY tips, it’s all here. You will surely have a more presentable and organized garage after following these ways. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Create a floor plan

Much like any part of the house, reorganizing and decluttering starts from creating a floor plan. You can have an estimate on how the inside of the garage looks, or you can be very thorough by using actual measurements. The goal is to know the open spaces of your garage and see which places you can maximize. Once you already have a floor plan, it’s easier to proceed with organizing it. The floor plan will be your guide from start to finish.

  • Remove all the items inside

Decluttering starts from knowing what items you can use and what items should be thrown away. You can begin by removing all the items stored in your garage. You can have a trash box and a storage box to separate the items. It’s also a good idea to clean the garage once you empty it. In that way, you will have a clearer view of how it looks. During this point, you can start separating items based on their category, so it’s easier to store them again inside.

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  • Use shelves and cabinets for storage

Once you already know what you will put inside the garage, you can now begin conceptualizing how to store them properly. As much as possible, use shelves and cabinets to organize these items. But if you think that using cabinets is a bit pricey, you can search for some of the easiest garage shelves DIY techniques. Some people prefer to use shelves instead of cabinets because it occupies less space, and it doesn’t look too big. However, shelves are only advisable for smaller items and those that don’t decompose. If you are storing delicate items and materials inside the garage, it’s best to use a cabinet for more protection.

  • Separate items per category

Your garage should also be organized according to category. Keep those items related to each other in the same space. For instance, all your kids’ items can be on one side and your items on another. If you will just store them randomly, the essence of organizing them is futile. Moreover, it’s going to be easier to locate items when you need them if they are properly categorized.

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  • Prepare for upcoming items

For as long as you are living in that house, there is a high chance that there are more items you will store. Make sure to allow spaces for upcoming items in your garage. In that way, you won’t need to keep on organizing it once a new item arrives.

  • Leave a walking space

As much as possible, it’s advisable to leave an empty space in the center part of your garage. It’s a walking area for when you need to move around and look for items. It’s also best to have an open center space to give a breathing area for anyone who goes there. Keep in mind that your garage is not a storage room. Hence, it needs to have enough space for movements.

  • Schedule a regular cleaning

The only way to make sure that your garage is clean and organized all the time is to schedule cleaning maintenance. Surely, some people just disregard checking their garage from time to time. And that is one of the reasons why it starts to get cluttered and unorganized. As much as possible, make sure that you will have a regular time keeping it clean.

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Make sure that you will always take time to organize and clean your properties. Not only is it good to keep the cleanliness and organization of your home, but it can also guarantee your family’s safety. Get more home improvement ideas at Storables.com. Visit their website to have more inspiration.