7 Things to Know about Using the Services at Chudovo.com for the First Time

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Developing new software for your business is easier. Nowadays, you don’t need to find new employees to create a software development team. All you have to do is look for a trusted provider that provides you with certified software developers. Chudovo.com is one of the examples. Before requesting a development team from this company, you should learn several crucial things. 

The Way to Request a Certified Software Development Team 

Contact customer service and tell them anything about your business or company. They will analyze your business needs based on your information. That’s why ensure that they get sufficient information from you. 

The customer service will also send project requirements to complete. Complete all the requirements to continue the process. The requirements lead you to get the right software specialists your company needs. Ensure that the company approves all the requirements. That’s it! You have a temporary certified software development team that is ready to work. 

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The Cost of the Service 

So, how about the cost of this service? The cost varies depending on specific things, including the type of the application and initial requirements. That’s why you should inform whether your company needs new software for webs, mobiles, desktops, applications, simulations, or others. 

The more complex the software development project, the more costly the price. Indeed, it needs an expert team from specific backgrounds. Best of all, this company is ready with a variety of software engineers, including PM, QAs, and even non-tech workers. Share the project details and let the customer service find a suitable solution for your company.  

The Period to Finish the Improvement Project 

The finishing period also depends on several factors, including the project requirements and the developer’s availability. A professional software development team can finish a general software development project within 1 to 2 weeks. 

The period is including the time when trying the software to ensure that your employees can operate it. They will ask anything related to your project and decide the finishing period. Then, you can use the new software in the company to improve productivity and efficiency.  

The Number of Developers You Should Hire 

You may get confused about the number of developers you should hire for this project, especially if it is your first software development project. A company often hires one software engineer and builds a dedicated development team. 

It is okay if you want to consult the developers you need to handle the project. This provider will guide you from the beginning until getting the best team to do the development project. Indeed, determining the number of developers who will work is crucial for efficiency. 

In case you want to build a personal dedicated development team, you can start by defining the project scope. Then, define the skill sets that the team should have in an interview with the members. Complete all the documents once you get the best team and let them work.

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The Way to Check the Progress of the Project 

Indeed, you have to check the progress of the project even if you are using a certified development team. Chudovo supports its developers and engineers with a system to track their activities. They will log their time and progress every day. 

You can monitor it immediately. This provider also provides its clients with general reports on a weekly or monthly basis. Indeed, it depends on the period of the project. The most important thing is that you can always check the progress and ensure that everything will be ready on time.

.Net Products Companies Can use 

Chudovo uses .Net technology to develop a variety of software products. For example, the developers developed ASP.Net, ADO.Net, WinForms, and other products in 2005. In 2006, the team also successfully developed WF, WCF, and WPF. 

The latest products they have created, including Azure, Xamarin, Unity, Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Code, and many more. They even use the latest .Net technology known as .Net 6. This latest .Net technology is suitable for cross-platforming, microservices architecture, docker containers, boosted performance, scale-up, and others. At the same time, .Net technology is flexible enough that clients can run on platforms other than Windows. The final product is also easy to deploy and update if it is necessary.    

The Way to Contact Chudovo 

All you have to do is visit the official website. Then, complete the contact us form on the website. They need your name, active email address, and the details of your request. It helps who you are and the way they can help you. Ensure that the data is correct and click the send button. Customer service will reply to your message right away. They will show you the next step to hire professional software developers to apply .net programming.