7 Web Design Strategies That Will Lead Your Marketing Business

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Written By Berry Mathew

Web design is an integral part of marketing. Are you looking for methods to engage your audience with your website or facing a high bounce rate issue? Check out these seven best strategies for better engagement.

Do your website visitors take too much time what your does after landing on the page? Are your services accessible to them? Or are they quickly bouncing off from your website? Answering ‘no’ to these questions means you need to rethink your website design and how you’ve optimised it. If you are looking for a web design company in UAE you’re at the right place. Continue reading the blog to find out more about impactful web designing strategies according to the top web development company.

What is a strategic web design? 

The successful strategic web design by a website development company strives to unite a company’s goals, communication, digital marketing strategy, branding, design components, and credibility into a single statement. The five essential basic principles of web design concepts are content, aesthetics, interaction, user experience and visibility.

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Seven impactful web design strategies

  • Pay extra attention to site navigation

The design will be the first thing that will catch your eye when you land on a page.  Make sure that the users easily find the information they are looking for. There are numerous ways to improve navigation, by creating new animations that allow users to view slideshows or shift sites by swiping on the screen. Consider launching these tips and other approaches to give first-time visitors a more pleasant page-surfing experience.

  • Establish your goals 

Establishing your goals and finding ways how to execute them is a crucial step every business owner should be taking care of. Setting these objectives early on will help you stay focused and achieve them.

Nothing is worse than dumping a bunch of random elements for the namesake and calling it a day. An early aim will help your clients to comprehend what your company delivers. This is an important element to keep in mind as you begin to develop your web design marketing approach.

  • Graphic Design 

You need to have an idea regarding the best tone and aesthetic for your website that matches your business. You need to see the website from a customer’s perspective to create a style that perfectly fits what your customers would want. A sharper and bolder appearance is sometimes more fitting, especially for some industries. If done correctly, a “maximalist” strategy might make your site stand out and attract more customers than the more popular method.

But keep it in mind that if you opt for a maximalist look, refrain from going far. Our skilled professionals at the finest web designing company will lay out the best strategies to design the best user-friendly and functional website for you.

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  • Buils based on audience 

As we said above, audience/customers play a pivotal role in the look and function of your website. Consider the demographics you are targeting, the age of your users, their gender, their occupation, and many more. Then customize your site to their requirements and interests.

Consider a website dedicated to the promotion of children’s games. Typically, sites like this have brighter colours, more movement, adorable graphics and, a more “fun” typeface (rather than Times New Roman or Proxima Nova). These enticing aspects, combined with more simplified navigation, make it easier for youngsters to access the information they seek.

  1. Mobile optimization 

Mobile internet access has risen in recent years, with mobile now accounting for more than 55% of the market, compared to 41% for desktops. This is why optimizing your mobile site is quite essential for your website and business.  Half of Google searches are conducted on mobile devices, and many people use Alexa and Siri to inquire about various locations and information. You’re shooting yourself in the foot if you haven’t mobile-optimized your website.

Even if your marketing plan is good, such as using advanced SEO to bring visitors to your site, if your website is not mobile-optimized, you will fail to convert that traffic. When it comes to converting visitors into buyers, adopting a mobile-friendly mindset will yield tangible benefits.

Make sure to be careful with test updates on a regular basis while designing your mobile-optimized site. Then you can observe what’s working and what isn’t, and adjust your site to your clients’ needs.

  1. Video Strategy

Even though written content and images can be effective ways to showcase products and services, if you want to demonstrate how to accomplish something step by step or make a point, using video can be quite beneficial.

The use of online video is increasing, particularly with the rise of Facebook video marketing for both content and ads. As a result, websites are increasingly incorporating this into their approach. A great video may make a world of difference in getting people to flock to your site.

  1. Call to Action

If you are not worried about the call to action, then you are missing out on the final piece of conversion that you need. They must be appealing, omnipresent, and effective in converting potential customers.

If you don’t have an email capture on your site, we recommend adding it or simply giving people the option to contact you via a link. It’s far more efficient than trying to punch in a plethora of email addresses because they provide genuine value in exchange for each of these.

Hiring a design expert who also understands SEO may be a huge help in transforming your business, and if you’re stuck on what you should do, you should always seek advice.

Working with a skilled SEO agency and adopting these design tips will significantly increase your success and usher you into the modern era. If you’re ready to create a better, more rewarding experience for your visitors, now is the time to focus on enhancing your website. Our experts at Intersmart solutions, the top web development company in Dubai offers comprehensive services for your web designing needs.