8 Tips to Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks.

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Written By Charlotte Miller

In the year 2020, when the pandemic happened, we were online more than we had ever been. People had to work from home and depend significantly on technology and digital services to keep things flowing. Since then, individuals, businesses, companies, organizations, and governments have faced a higher risk of cyberattacks. 

This suddenly increased dependence on the internet to continue our normal activities has led to increased cybercrime incidents worldwide. According to Statista, Almost 30,000 cyber security incidents were reported worldwide in 2020. And these criminals target the entertainment and public sectors majorly.  To protect your business from cyberattacks, consider looking for a managed IT services provider near me.

Cybercriminals keep looking for all possible means to steal private information, enrich their pockets and disturb the flow of businesses. Cybercriminals generate a massive amount of money yearly, which shows their activities will keep increasing annually. This is why we have provided you with some tips on protecting your business from cyberattacks. 

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How to protect your Business From Cyber Attacks 

Data Backup 

When a cyberattack is launched, one of the most cost-effective methods of making sure all the information you lose is recovered is data backup. The beautiful thing about data backup, aside from its low cost, is how easy it is to do. You could make use of multiple backup methods to ensure data safety. 

Your backup system could include daily incremental backups to a portable device or cloud storage, end of the week, quarterly, and yearly backups. You must check if your data can be restored from the backup regularly. You can also make use of cloud backup as well

Backing up your data to a portable device provides an alternative option for you if cybercriminals attack your business. And make sure the portable device is always disconnected from your computer because it can be affected by cyberattacks. 

Make sure your Devices and Network are Secured

You should always ensure that your security software, operating system, and cloud security testing are updated regularly. So it won’t be so nice for you to keep ignoring update prompts because updates usually contain essential security upgrades to protect you from potential attacks. And if you don’t have security software like antivirus on your computers, you should install it as soon as possible. 

A firewall setup is also needed to reduce the risk of being attacked. It is software that stands as a boundary between all incoming and outgoing traffic. With this, all your internal networks are well protected from cyberattacks. 

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Be Smart when Setting Passwords

It is highly recommended that passwords contain at least 14 characters which include not only letters but also symbols and numbers. The passwords must also be unique and relatively easy to remember. The use of passphrases in place of passwords to access your devices and networks is also a good idea.

Passphrases are passwords too, but it is a combination of different words that forms a phrase. Also, note that you should use the same password or passphrase for all your accounts. If a criminal gets hold of it, all your accounts are definitely in trouble. 

Restrict Administrative Privileges 

Cybercriminals can gain access to your computer or network through administrative privileges. Administrative privileges make it possible for someone to carry out sensitive tasks like opening accounts and installing software. So you must restrict access to accounts with administrative privileges to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to your business. 

It is advised to create standard accounts with strong passwords for your daily use. If you must create accounts with administrative privileges, make sure you don’t use the internet or read emails at that point. And also limit the number of people who have access. Learn about the Zero-trust security mode

Use Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor Authentication means that you have to provide more proof of your identity, aside from your password, to gain access to your account. A passcode is often sent to your mobile device before access is granted. 

This verification process gives additional security to your accounts and makes it more challenging for cybercriminals to gain access to your device and accounts easily 

Data Encryption 

It is important to activate your network encryption when data is stored or sent online. No matter how massive your security measures are, if a strong virus manages to gain access to your data, your backup might not save you because the backup software can also be attacked, leading to backup files being corrupted. 

Encryption converts your data into a secret code before sending it over the internet. So ensure you encrypt sensitive data like customer information,  business data, and employee information. The risk of data theft or destruction is reduced. 

Educate your staff on how to be safe online 

To keep your business safe and reduce the risk of cyberattacks, you should actively train your staff to be safe online by teaching them the threats they can face. You should provide regular cyber security training to keep them updated. You could seek the assistance of experts in the field to help you out. 

They should be able to maintain strong passwords, identify potential cyber threats and k, and know how to handle threats when encountered. Also, they should be trained on how to identify phishing links that can expose your business to attacks.  

Proper Monitoring System 

Ensure that you constantly monitor using the PRTG OPC UA Server and keep a proper record of all equipment and software your business uses. This will help to ensure your data is secure to prevent criminals from accessing them. 

Your employees should ensure that they keep the devices safely. They should also ensure they use virus-free portable devices to prevent viruses from invading your business. Any software that isn’t in use again should be removed since you won’t be paying attention to it anymore. Cyberattacks could be launched on your business through it. 

Concluding Thoughts

Cyberattacks are highly preventable if only you pay attention to these essential tips. The key to cyber defense is putting a solid cyber defense structure in place to strengthen security layers. With the proper system in place, you can create an excellent working environment for your business.