Compelling Reasons You Should Study Cyber Security 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Cybersecurity has grown so much in the past few years, that it is a complete field of its own. The fact that it is fairly new means that it can be exciting to learn about and will give you a chance to be at the front of your field in no time. 

There are many different reasons why you should consider studying cyber security for your career choice in the future. Some of these include: 

Jobs are in High Demand 

According to information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for professionals in cyber security is expected to grow by 28% by 2026. This is way higher than the national average for all careers combined, which means that it will be easy for you to find the job that you need. 

The higher demand for these professionals comes from the fact that many jobs will have significant amounts of them automated. This means the information is stored online. With information stored online, hackers will try to attack the system and gain access to that information. This is shown by the increase in major data breaches. 

Companies do not want their information hacked and stolen. That is why they will pay professionals to do the work to keep their system as safe as possible. This means a lot of job security for you if you can bring in the desired skills to get it done. 

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There are Many Specialties to Help You Out

There was a time when cyber security was looped into the IT departments and those in that department would have the duties of cyber security. Things have changed. While they will share a lot of the same tasks and can work together, cyber security is not considered its unique field. 

Since it is now an established field, new roles and needs are starting to develop within it. There are a lot of specialties that fall within it like forensics, architecture, risk management, compliance, assessment, governance, and engineering. This gives you a lot of room to grow and choose what you want to do with your degree. Taking CISSP certification and other popular cybersecurity certification will certainly help you with the right field or roles you are going to venture in the future. 

The Job Provides Stimulation 

The one thing that will remain consistent in this field is change. The industry not only has some new developments in it each day, but the workdays can also be different and unique from one another. If you are interested in this field, you need to be prepared to be a lifelong learner. This field never stops changing and you need to be prepared for it from the start.  

As you search for a job in cyber security, you will find that professionals and hiring managers will favor people who want to keep learning just because that makes them the most successful in the field. You must also have critical thinking skills on the job because, in some situations, they are more important than your technical skills.  

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Higher Salaries

The salary that you can get in cyber security is going to be high. Companies are willing to pay this due to the high risks that come with not having this professional in place to protect their data. Even in an entry-level position, it is possible to find cyber security salaries are above average. Some examples of the median salaries for some cyber security jobs include:

  • Chief Information Security Officer: $163,000
  • Cloud Engineer: $126,000
  • Information Security Manager: $114,000
  • Security Architect: $106,000
  • Director of Information Security: $103,000
  • Network Security Engineer: $85,000
  • Penetration Tester: $80,000

Depending on where you decide to work and what your education and experience levels are, you will be able to earn more or less than these medians. This can make it a smart decision for everyone who is looking for a challenging career that will help them make a good income as well. 

You Get to be the Hero

While there are many roles that a professional in this industry will be able to utilize, you will find that the main goal is to protect companies from any of the potential threats that may come their way. This means that you can be a big hero for the company daily.  

Preventing or solving some of the major cybercrimes that occur can be a rewarding way to spend your day. And when you are successful in your role, you will be able to add recognition and excitement to the job each day.  

Even if some of the work that you do stays under the radar and not everyone knows what you did to keep things safe, you will always have the knowledge that your work will directly impact others and their security.  

You Get a Chance to Solve Complex Technical Puzzles 

As a professional in cyber security, you need to be able to think through problems quickly and be prepared for a lot of new challenges daily. Many field professionals in this industry will consider their work as solving a big complicated technical puzzle all the time.  

There are a lot of things that you will need to do in your role and combining the parts will help you to put together a puzzle of security for the company you work for. You will need to do several tasks such as:

  • See ways to hack into the system
  • Ways that you can protect that system and network from any cyber attack
  • How to make the network safer. 

Since you are breaking into the system so you can find the vulnerabilities and then fix those vulnerabilities, you have to wear many hats when you want to work in this field. 

Getting a Degree in Cybersecurity

When you want to make yourself stand out from the crown in the IT industry, then getting a degree in cybersecurity is one of the best decisions that you can make. This degree will show that you have the skills the business is looking for in their new hire, skills that will keep hackers out and sensitive information as safe as possible.