A Guide To A Train Tour In Canada

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Written By Berry Mathew

Canada is the second-largest nation on earth. It is second only to Russia in size at 9,985 million square kilometers. Canada features the world’s longest coastline, which is 202,080 km long and adds to the country’s already astounding size.

Being a first-time visitor to such a large location, it can be intimidating to navigate. In Canada, there are five different time zones, which help put things in perspective. Therefore, it is necessary to properly organize your journey from one end to the other. From Montreal to Vancouver, an automobile trip is feasible. However, it will take about 50 hours to drive nonstop. You probably don’t see yourself having a vacation when you picture 4600 kilometers of open road. However, there is a more convenient option which is taking the train across Canada.

Given Canada’s immense size, taking a cross Canada train seems like a fantastic option. You’ll also get the added benefit of watching Canada’s breathtaking natural beauty pass by as you relax in your seat. Taking the train from Quebec City to Vancouver is possible by taking the commuter route to Toronto then boarding the cross-country train. You’ll arrive in four days, moving from east to west!

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Benefits Of Taking A Trip By Train Across Canada

  • Majestic vistas of Canada’s abundant natural splendor.
  • Take a nap whenever you like.
  • No need to worry about the weather or traffic.
  • Possibilities for comfortable seating.
  • Stay the night in a city you like and board the next train that passes by.

Taking a Canadian train trips isn’t always the greatest choice if you want to get between places quickly. But what if you travel between cities by plane? How will you get around if you arrive in Toronto by plane from Vancouver or the other way around? 

The train is still available! Rapid train systems are in existence in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver to transport you without too much bother to your destination. 

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Facts For Travelling By Train Across Canada

  1. You’ll see More.

You’ll be fixated on the road when you’re driving. As you ride the train through stretches of untouched woodland, enormous marshlands, canyons, river valleys, and small towns, you may relax and take in the scenery.

  1. Most Canadian Cities Have Direct Trains To Their Central Locations.

Since the railroad was the original means of transportation across Canada, it received all of the prime urban real estate. The train arrives in the heart of each city’s downtown, close to all the best accommodations, restaurants, and attractions.

  1. You’ll Meet Some New Pals.

Travelling across Canada by train can be incredibly social. You can unwind in the dining cars while on the journey and meet your fellow travelers. Nothing gets a group of people talking like card games, local wine, and stunning vistas.

  1. Train Travel Is Convenient.

In your roomy recliner, reclines it. Enjoy local wines and regional cuisine in the dining car. In your berth, drift off to sleep to the train’s rhythmic click-clacking.

  1. You’ll Have Lots of Time to Unwind.

Cross-Canada train travel is all about lengthy, relaxing journeys during which you can relax, read a book, and observe the mountains and rivers pass by your window. It’s a remarkably tranquil mode of transportation.


Travelling across Canada by train reveals the size and diversity of this enormous country. Watch the scenery change through a huge picture window as it moves from charming lakes to expansive prairie plains, from towering mountains to lush rainforest, and ultimately arrives at the glittering Pacific Ocean. It is unlike any other journey in the world! You can also take the Canada cross country train to travel and explore more natural beauties.