Acumen EHR: A Nephrologists First Pick!

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Written By Charlotte Miller

You might be wondering what it is that makes Acumen EHR so special. Why is the vendor the first pick of all the nephrology practices? Why is this EMR platform preferred over all other nephrology-specific EHR solutions? There’s no need to continue living with the burden of these unanswered questions. We know how difficult it is to deliver care services with a stressed mind. So, here we have penned down the answer to all your queries that will help you understand why Acumen EHR is a life-saving decision for your practice. 

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A Look into Acumen EHR:

The amazing Acumen EHR is referred to as the physician’s solution, for it is created by a couple practicing nephrology. Drs. Frank and Dugan Maddux were well-aware of the clinical complications faced by nephrologists and thus decided to bring an end to their misery. With the profound knowledge of Nephrology services, they decided to develop a competent EMR system that could guide practitioners through their day-to-day challenges. Created in 1996, this software had its roots deep in Gamewood Data Systems and played a significant role in the dialysis industry. 

This EMR platform emerged as a game-changing product for Nephrology practices as it transformed all the manual patient data into electronic health records. An eye-catchy fact here is that Acumen EHR is integrated with RENALNET. RENALNET is a clearinghouse developed for kidney disease information. At first, Acumen EHR, emerged under the name of Health IT Service Group. However, after going through all the phases of evolution, the system was finally named as Acumen in 2012 and is well-known for its wide range of digital nephrology-specific tools. 

All About the Features of Acumen EHR:

Acumen EHR software features cutting-edge technology to optimize the financial stream and streamline the clinical workflow of medical practices. Powered by Epic care, this nephrology-specific solution offers a solid base for clinical practices to thrive with excellence. Additionally, this HIPAA compliant solution comes with a series of beneficial features that help transform the way Nephrologists practice patient care services. Here are the top three categories its features are divided into. 

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Acumen Epic Connect:

The name of this module is enough to understand what it holds within. Acumen EHR software combines with Epic Care, one of the world’s largest EHR platforms, to offer its clients with next-generation healthcare services. This way, Acumen combines its years of experience in the Nephrology industry with the unprecedented capabilities of Epic Care. Moreover, the clients using this clinical solution get the opportunity to use the remarkable services of Epic EHR like MyChart, the robust patient portal by Epic healthcare. Acumen EHR reviews are all praises for this integration. 

This integration between Epic and Acumen EHR breeds a series of distinctive features that evolve the norms of the healthcare industry altogether. It empowers physicians to deliver unparalleled care services and thus helps generate positive clinical outcomes, improving medical practices’ financial bottom line and reputation. In addition, this seamless integration of two robust EHR platforms enables Acumen EHR to take pride in its services; it adds value to its provided features like population health, CKD management, dialysis, and hospital rounding. 

Acumen Nephrologixx:

It is a comprehensive solution designed to boost the clinical productivity of Nephrology care practices. It empowers practitioners with fine-grade tools to manage the nephrology-specific workflow. Nephlogixx by Acumen strives to help practices scale by evaluating their performance according to key performance indicators. Practitioners can maximize their clinical performance by proprietary benchmarking capabilities. Also, this solution features growth plans and insight into clinical resources, and improvement plans needed to excel in the market. 

Nephrologixx earns a significant reputation for the way it manages the patient population. It identifies the shift of active patients and evaluates the care outcomes. Providers can assess their clinical growth to see the quality of care they are providing compared to their peers. All-in-all, Nephrologixx is a robust solution that enables practitioners to scale by staying ahead of the evolution in the industry. Besides scalability, reviews reveal that Neprologixx by Acumen offers services to enhance patient outcomes. Acumen EHR does it all for affordable pricing. 

Acumen RCM:

Acumen EHR features a fully-integrated revenue cycle management solution. This solution profoundly understands the needs of Nephrology practices and designs the medical codes respectively. The skilled personnel driving the Acumen RCM module ensures that the Nephrologists get paid timely and receive full payment for the services provided. Reviews reveal that Acumen EHR not only evaluates what the practices are earning but identifies new growth opportunities to boost their earning level. 

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Acumen EHR’s RCM module assists Nephrology practices in how they can reduce denials by scrubbing squeaky claims. And in doing so, Acumen EHR boosts the profitability of practices for relatively low pricing. Features covered under Acumen RCM are:

Electronic payer enrollments, including ERA and EFT

Payment posting, including pre-edit processing

Charge review and insurance verification

Claim denial management

Monitoring AR and insurance follow-up

Compassionate collection strategy on patient balances

Monthly reporting with KPI benchmarks with an assigned account manager

Credentialing services for facility privileges and with all payers

Operational best practices to enhance revenue

Mastering all these RCM features, Acumen improves the financial health of practices and helps reduce their financial strain. It mentioned in the reviews that Acumen provides an eBook regarding RCM services and how they work so physicians can reap the best out of their practice. Additionally, it detailly explains how Nephrologists can deliver the best care at the lowest pricing using Acumen EHR. Simply put, clients can get a comprehensive view of clinical performance using the patient-quality metrics and can gain insights about how they can minimize the financial strain. 

Concluding Thoughts on The Software:

Acumen EHR software is a solid platform equipped with fine-grade technology and backed by the best-in-class EMR solution named Epic Care. The vendor prides itself in offering unparalleled care service for Nephrology practices. The way it handles the Nephrology workflow is beyond imagination. The tools it provides for Nephrology tasks management cannot be found in any other healthcare platform. If you want to run your practice by delivering value-based care, then Acumen EHR  is your best bet, for it will help you combat all emerging challenges.