Why Men Have More Chances Of Unhealthy Teeth Than Women?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

While oral health is an important issue for both men and women, there is a general belief that men have a high chance of having unhealthy teeth than women. But where does this difference emanate from? Men and women have the same oral structure, which includes teeth, gums, the tongue, and the jaw. Men eating habits, failure to attend recommended dental checks, and other reasons contribute to men not having healthy teeth than women.

Here are other reasons that explain why men have higher chances of unhealthy teeth than women.

  1. Many men are heavy drinkers and this increases periodontal disease.

Heavy drinking alters the level of acidity in the oral ecosystem and this can be problematic. This also promotes the development of the plague. People who do not visit their dentist every six months are more likely to develop hardened plaque, which leads to periodontal disease. When bacteria build up between the teeth and gums, obvious adverse effects such as swelling and bleeding emerge. Men who drink heavily are more likely to acquire the periodontal disease, mouth ulcers, and tooth decay.

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  1. Men have a high probability of suffering dry mouth

Certain drugs, such as antidepressants and blood pressure medications, can have a considerable impact on natural saliva production. In most instances, it dries the mouth, and this leads to problems. Saliva is essential for regulating cavity-causing germs and maintaining your tooth enamel. Men are more prone than women to suffer from high blood pressure; therefore they should be aware of the usual adverse effects of different drugs.

  1. Men are always in danger of dental trauma

Men are more prone than women to suffer from dental trauma because they participate in more contact sports. Mouth injuries, such as knocked-out teeth, tooth fractures, cracks, and other trauma-related concerns, can have a serious impact on the health of your smile. When participating in contact sports, wearing a mouthguard can help safeguard your teeth.

  1. Men put their teeth to un-recommended use

It’s never a good idea to use your teeth as tools to open objects, and males are far more likely to incur an injury as a result. Using your teeth as tools to open bottles or rip open a snack bag can result in a cracked tooth or damaged enamel.

  1. Routine dental checkup exam is not prioritized by most men

Routine dental cleanings and exams should be done every six months, according to dentists. During these visits, tartar and plaque buildup is removed, and your mouth is examined for any potential problems. According to the United States CDC, women are more likely to go for dental checks and get teeth cleaning than men. Women are also more likely than males to follow a dentist’s advice.

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The reason why many men have unhealthy oral health when compared to women can be attributed to behavioral factors. The men eating habits are not always the best, and when combined with excessive tobacco smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages, oral health issues arise.