Adapt to Your Needs With Vegan Prenatal Vitamins

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Written By Charlotte Miller

When it comes to pregnancy health, there’s no settling for less. You want to maintain ideal nutrition, keep stress to a minimum, and generally live aligned with nature to the greatest extent possible.

Therefore, more mothers are seeking vegan alternatives to pregnancy items traditionally made from animal products. These vegan vitamins, minerals, and supplements are vital during pregnancy but without the risks and ethical issues that come with animal-based materials. 

Here’s a sigh of relief: you don’t need animal fats, proteins, or by-products to maximize you and your child’s health during pregnancy. Let’s look closer at vegan prenatal vitamins and the benefits they bring to the table.

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Why Vegan Vitamins?

Everyone has a different reason for going plant-based, and we all take the pledge differently. It’s not uncommon for mothers to cut down on meat during pregnancy as a symbol of commitment to their children’s health while embracing a better lifestyle for themselves. If you’re a proud lifelong vegetarian or vegan, that’s great too.

Taking vegan vitamins doesn’t have to be a statement or a status symbol. For many mothers, it’s simply what they believe is best for their baby during these formative months in the womb, and looking after their own health is a bonus. 

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Plant-Based Essential Fats

Ethics and opinions aside, what is the scientific support behind vegan vitamins, if any? Essential fats are a focus – critical compounds that must be included in an optimal pregnancy diet plan. This is because the brain, the heart, the eyes, and the nervous systems get a vital boost from fats in developmental stages. 

The problem is most sources of healthy fat are either animal-based or come with caveats that mothers don’t want to confront. Eating meat and fish, for instance, can introduce unwanted variables to the pregnancy, such as foodborne illnesses and excessive amounts of mercury.

Furthermore, not everyone can consume nuts and seeds as these are common allergens and may not be ideal for pregnant moms. This begs the question: where should these plant-based fats come from, and what’s the right amount?

The best prenatal vegan vitamins address this issue with algae, containing an ideal formulation of omega fatty acids, polar lipids, and the proper ratio of EPA to DHA. 

Folic Acid Made Vegan

Mothers hear it from all directions the day they break the news: get your folate to prevent brain and spinal cord problems such as neural tube defects. It’s scary enough for any mom to take seriously, but how exactly do you get the folate you need during pregnancy?

The good news is that fruits and veggies are potent sources of this B vitamin, including superfood favorites like leafy greens (chard, kale, spinach), peas, lentils, and citrus fruits. Eat those daily to keep the folate flowing.

But even the most dedicated pregnant mothers will occasionally skip the greens in favor of ice cream and cookies. We don’t blame you, which is why vegan vitamins should contain a healthy dose of folic acid to fill in those gaps.

By hitting that daily folate goal with just a capsule, you can put your mind at ease during pregnancy and be as relaxed as possible.

Priority: Immune Defense

As babies develop in the womb, mothers automatically dedicate their physical and emotional resources to the child. This can sometimes come at the expense of immunity, which means opening up oneself to illnesses from viruses or bacteria.

It’s typically nothing to fear if you’ve got a well-rounded diet, but a vegan prenatal vitamin can add that extra layer of defense when you need it most. Ideally, your capsules should contain substantial amounts of vitamins A, C, D3, and E for immune health, protecting both you and your baby during this vulnerable time. 

With plenty of filtered water, clean air, and low stress, you’ll have thriving immunity for those nine magical months and beyond.

Building Blocks of Health

The essential vitamins and minerals are just the basics when it comes to optimizing pregnancy health. That is where certain vegan vitamin products go above and beyond, including extras like iodine from kelp powder, and selenium, which optimizes hormone profiles and regulates metabolism. 

Bonus compounds like chlorophyll (the magical plant fuel), can help moms control weight, maintain high energy levels, and even fix gut health during pregnancy for better nutrient absorption. These minor inclusions give you that extra peace of mind you need as a mother, so check all those boxes when picking a vitamin product.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Pregnancy

So much of pregnancy is about maintaining mental fortitude through optimal physical health; that’s exactly what you get with vegan prenatal vitamins. The nutrients are key, but the mind is more powerful: the power of knowing you’re doing all the right things to bring a healthy child into the world.