Analyzing a housing society management app and its impact on various types of cooperative society.

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

The post-pandemic situation has changed in India at a rapid rate. People are rushing from every part of India to tier-one and tier-two cities looking for jobs. This has created a shortage of living spaces as land developers are constructing high-rise apartments on every piece of land available. As a result, apartment culture has increased its dominance in Indian culture. Quite recently, the housing society management system has been introduced in the Indian market and it sure is rising through the ranks. This blog will focus on the app and its impact on multiple types of cooperative society housing. 

Types of cooperative society 

Modern-day cooperative societies can be branched out into 5 types. They are,

  • Producers cooperative society 
  • Marketing cooperative society 
  • Farmers cooperative society 
  • Credit cooperative society 
  • Cooperative housing society 

Society management software can be useful in all of the above types of cooperative society. The change in this scenario is due to a relaxation in government policies. The present Indian government has lowered GST charges to normal housing societies to as low as 1% and luxury societies to 5%. This has inspired people to relocate to housing societies more than usual. As a result, the number of apartments and high-rises has increased over the past few years. The concept of the Housing Society management app has also accelerated its usage in these housing types. This app is functional in numerous factors related to housing community welfare.

Benefits of the society management app 

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Organized notification system 

A specific app that can bridge gaps between residents and administrators is welcomed in this post-modern society. The app helps in sending timely notifications to the residents alerting them about pending bill payments and other expenditures. 

Improved community status 

A housing society management app is a digital podium that can be used to communicate with residents, security guards, and administrators. The use of the app saves time that was earlier spent to notify residents about important meetings and other events. Inhabitants can post queries and opinions regarding their housing societies on this app. Concerned administrators can provide swift solutions to these queries with immediate effect. 

  • Arranging private events, important meetings, etc for important decision-making.
  • Providing questions regarding their housing society.
  • Announcements about important situations and matters.
  • Resolving minor issues before they take an ugly turn.
  • Providing reviews and opinions about various amenities and features of the housing complex.

Reduced security issues 

This app is embedded with extensive security features. The app provides a dedicated communication network between inhabitants and security guards so that both parties can be notified about any change in the present scenario.

  • The app has a dedicated communication system that allows residents to contact their security guards and alert them about visitors, delivery packages, and other events.
  • Kids are not left unchecked when they roam around the property as the guards notify their respective parents about their children’s whereabouts.
  • Visitor logs and surveillance videos are uploaded into the network that can be accessed by the residents.


Families living in these housing societies get protective details regarding their children. Security guards perform routine foot patrols and if they find any child loitering on the premises, they immediately inform their parents through the society housing management app. Families can go for visits to their in-laws without worrying about the security of their flats. They can constantly stay in touch with the security guards through this app and can also get to know about any visitors coming while they are absent from the premises.

Administrative benefits 

Proper administration can only be enforced if there is a clear way of communication. That is why the above-mentioned app is so much in use. Administrators can communicate with the residents and inform them about various serious matters. Any small or internal conflicts are resolved within moments. Important announcements such as pending electricity bills, water bills, etc are notified to their respective parties via the society housing management app. With the help of this app, residents are made aware of their emergency funds and other society-related information. Inhabitants are also informed about various other responsibilities that they are obligated to execute.


A society that is interconnected and works together to solve various issues is considered a well-functioning housing society. The society housing management app is the missing puzzle that is essential in modern times. Presently, all kinds of cooperative societies have introduced this app to have a hassle-free environment and work culture.