Benefits Of Video Games for Kids 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Video games are one of the most loved entertainment types by kids. The video games industry has tremendously increased, making billions of money. The new video games come with better graphics, hence attracting more customers. Most parents are very keen on their children when they play video games. It is not wrong to be cautious about what your kid is doing. It shows how much you love them. There is a prominent watch out for parents when they play video games. This might be because some kids have challenges when shutting down games. Some parents might have heard of a friend’s child who has severe mood swings before or after playing video games. To improve your child’s knowledge, make them create a mind map. Parents do not know that playing video games can have surprising benefits for their kids. Here are the benefits kids get from playing video games. 


Today’s research shows that playing video games can boost kids’ reading ability. This can be very helpful, especially to children who struggle with reading. How does this happen? Video games promote kids’ reading ability because they need to figure out the text’s instructions on every match before playing it. Since the child feels like they need to play, they do not have to read the instructions carefully if they want to play the game well. Kids may find it boring to read a traditional book but rush to the internet to read trending news about their love games. 

Visual-Spatial Skills 

Technology has led to the advancements of today’s video games. Most video games are set in 3D virtual worlds. Kids have to navigate this if they want to play the games. The good thing is that kids do not have any choice but to navigate since there are no GPS or smartphones to guide them. A great example of such a game is Minecraft. Most kids who play these games practice their visual-spatial skills, which leads to a better understanding of distance and Space. 

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Problem-solving is a vital skill that everybody, including kids, should have. Even though some games, such as Space Invaders, do not need one to crack their heads, most games require critical thinking. Video games give kids a chance to take a problem, work on it, and come up with a solution. Even though kids’ skills from video games are not proven to solve daily life skills, they acquire skills like planning and critical thinking. 

Social Connections 

No man is an island. By playing video games, your kid gets to connect with other kids. This will save your kid the trouble of finding difficulty in making friends when it comes to real life. Video games stand as a refuge for your kids to connect with other people positively. 

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Video gaming is a growing industry. It has even proven to grow faster than the sports industry. Because of this, it stands a chance to offer your kids a promising video gaming career. There are many jobs like coding, marketing, or even running in this gaming industry that your kid might love. 


Even though most parents view video gaming from a very negative perspective, it is an industry that has so much to give. Video gaming helps your kid improve their cognitive functions, allows them to be faster in communication and thinking, and helps them solve problems.