Best Time of  Day for Webinar

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Written By Charlotte Miller

There is research for nearly everything today, and you should definitely learn from someone’s experience when you are planning on something. This also concerns hosting webinars as there is the right and less right time for making a video conference. You can easily schedule a live stream to a certain day and time, and very few people will show up. Simply changing the time to a few hours earlier or later will result in a much larger audience attending the call. Choosing a reliable virtual classroom platform or video conference website is half of the deal. In this article, you will learn how to schedule your webinars properly.

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Planning Your Webinar

Creating an informative webinar with tons of useful info and illustrative materials is important. However, this will be rather useless if nobody shows up. Of course, it is unlikely that nobody will attend, which does not mean that the attendance will not still be low. To maximize the efficiency of your video conference, it is necessary to ensure that many visitors will join.

When it comes to planning the time of your webinar, it is important to consider both the day of the week and the exact time. Of course, everybody has a different schedule, but certain days are just more convenient for people than others. The same goes with the time of the day as most people are either working or studying. It is important to plan your video call so that people can join during the lunch break or when they are at home.

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Tips for Scheduling Live Webinars

It is impossible to please everyone, and there will be people unable to join your webinar. However, you can maximize the number of attendees by offering a convenient launch time of the webinar, as well as a few other services to improve the client experience. Here are a few tips on how you can plan a webinar:

  • Choose weekdays – days in the middle of the week are the most popular days for a webinar, to be more specific. Statistics show that people prefer the following weekdays to attend a webinar: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Thursdays are especially popular when it comes to video conferences. However, keep in mind that other companies might host webinars these days too. You will need to deal with tough competition sometimes.
  • Use the most popular hours – once again, statistics show that 11 AM and 12 PM are the most popular hours for webinars. These are the most convenient hours for people of different time zones as well. You can always cater to local viewers, but being inclusive for viewers from different places in the world is much better.
  • Use Tuesdays for promotion – surveys show that people usually prefer registering for web seminars on Tuesdays. This is a great opportunity to deliver an invite to your video conference as well. Send out invitations to your e-mail subscribers or announce a webinar on your web page and expect many viewers to join later.

These are the basic tips on planning your webinars. It is important to follow some simple rules every time you plan a digital event for your client base. However, some other tips can be applied if you want to cater to even wider audiences. Here is how you can increase customer satisfaction of your clients by offering convenient video conferencing solutions:

  • Pre-record your webinars – of course, the key benefit of a webinar is its interactivity. This means that it is better to host web seminars live. However, in some situations, you can opt for pre-recorded video streams. This way, you can upload a webinar at any time, and everyone will be able to see it. Alternatively, you can host a live seminar and stream its recording once again later to accommodate more viewers. Even without live communication with the host, people can still use the chat to talk to each other in real-time.
  • Consider making the streams longer – webinars are usually considered to be shorter format videos than webcasts. This is because people are usually busy and want to receive the necessary info as quickly as possible. However, longer webinars have their supporters too. You can alternate your video streams and offer both more compact and extended web seminars. Shorter videos will be useful for people who prefer their information to be straight to the point, while other clients will enjoy longer and more detailed seminars.
  • Offer webinars by request – even if you do not plan on uploading a recording of a video conference for everyone to see, you can always share a link to a recorded video if a client asks for it. Some people are unable to join a webinar even after registering for it, while others learn about the stream afterward. It is best to offer all your viewers an opportunity to watch a webinar conveniently. This way, you will demonstrate your attention to clients, and your reputation will improve greatly.

With all the tips listed above, you can learn some valuable insight on how to make your webinar successful. However, there is no recipe to make each video conference work. Every company has a specific client base, and it is important to develop your strategy based on your requirements. There is no guarantee that your first or even second webinar will attract as many viewers as you want. It is important, however, to take the knowledge that you have earned after each stream and apply it to the following webinars. This way, you will be able to make your video conferences as inclusive as possible.

It is also worth mentioning that webinars are quite limited in terms of attendees. When thousands of people can join a webcast, webinars are meant to host a smaller number of people to be more efficient. You want to make your webinars effective so that all the viewers can ask their questions and receive all the necessary answers. Do not overkill them with the number of viewers as it is better to host two webinars on the same topic and divide the whole audience into two groups. This will make the info more accessible for clients.