How to Use Tile Saw: Top Tips for Beginners

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Are you looking for the best tool to cut the tiles you’ve just ordered? The tile saw was specifically developed for this purpose. After careful consideration and checking all wet saws reviews, and ordering the most suitable instrument for you, don’t start to relax. There is a main job ahead of you. You have to learn how to use the tile saw to make perfect cuts.

About Tile Saw

Tile saw or wet saw, as it is widely known around the world, is the instrument you need in a tiling job. It is electric, moves fast, uses water cooling to keep cuts clean, and looks similar to the miter saw. If you need to cut tiles for your house, you may start by learning the basics. This tool helps you to cut the corners and to make the edges fit. A tile saw is essential for making internal cutouts and cuts in an L shape. To do this, you have to practice a lot.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Using Tile Saw

You may start from the very beginning. After you receive the tool and make sure that it works, you can begin your work. Here is the guide with the steps you need to follow:

  1. Put tile saw in the starting position. You have to pick the reliable and sturdy surface where you will cut tiles. The best option is to order or to make a specific desk just for such procedures. It must be empty and smooth. Position the tile securely so it will not glide. If you don’t have such a table, you can put the tile on the floor. The best way to avoid dangerous situations is to take care of reliable stand in advance. If you don’t have the table designed explicitly for the saw, you can use the floor covered with several layers of wood;
  2. Tile saw works so great mainly because it does not overheat the materials it cut through. It happens because of the water inside the specific box attached to the saw. Sometimes it can be designed inside the table, and sometimes you need to place it somewhere close to the instrument by yourself. There is one major condition to prolong the life of the saw and make even cuts, which is to always have the water in this box. Check it each time you want to use the tool. If the box is removable, you can even wash it under tape water from time to time. The best way to make sure that there is enough water is to check whether the pump is submerged completely in it;
  3. Make sure that the tile is in its place. Adjust the fence to it, so it would not slip away after you start the work. The blade has to be on the mark you’ve made with a pencil or pen. Before you start doing anything, place your hands far from the blade. If you can put the wider part closer to you, do it. Once the saw starts moving, you have to watch the tile and you can easily forget about how close your hands are to the blade. To provide diagonal cuts, place the miter guide between tile and fence. There will be 45-degree angle position of the tile to the saw’s blade;
  4. If you are ready, turn on the instrument. Don’t rush with anything. Make sure that the blade is in the right position towards the tile and that it spreads the water;
  5. Move the blade towards the tile. Now move the tile really slowly into the blade. Don’t move your hands to the center of the tile. Keep them as far from the blade as possible. If the saw moves at its own pace, don’t rush it. Don’t try to drag the tile faster. You may even want to slow down your moves at the edges of each tile since you have to be extra careful there. One wrong move and you can break the tile;
  6. Once everything is done, just turn off the saw and take away the tile. Make sure that the cut is finished and that two parts are separated from each other. If it is done, you will need to remove these parts from the table really carefully. Don’t touch the blade. You have to turn the saw off before you put the next tile that you want to cut. It must not be on.

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You have to keep in mind that if this saw cuts through the tiles like butter, it will cut your fingers in no time. Any type of saw is dangerous and requires your total attention. A wet tile saw is not a toy. You need to follow all the safety instructions if you want to continue your work with this tool. The basic tips for anyone:

  • Don’t put your fingers close to the blade. Try to keep them at a distance from the place you’ve marked to cut through;
  • You need to wear goggles to protect your eyes from the water and dust. If you lose concentration during your work, you can harm yourself or waste the tile entirely;
  • If you have a face mask that protects your nose and mouth from dust, you can wear it. You don’t need any extra distractions while you are working. The air you inhale must be clean and not dangerous for your health;
  • If you notice that saw becomes warm, you have to stop the work. Don’t overload it too much and try to follow its own pace. Pay attention to the speed that the saw has. If the blade moves slower, don’t push the tile, or you will just do more harm;
  • Never ever fix anything on the blade while it is moving. However, you have to check its sharpness before you turn it on.

Work Like a Pro

Although using the wet tile saw looks hard, you will get used to it and even master your skills. The knowledge comes with practice. Follow these simple instructions, and you will quickly be able to cut the tiles for any project you need. Before you start your work, read the safety rules! You have to make sure that everything is fixed right and placed in their positions before you turn on the saw.