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Remote Work software helps people to organize activities better when they have to work from home, allowing them to manage all the complexities that must be faced.

The software for Remote Work is, in fact, of different nature because this category can include software for document management, employee tracking software, creating webinars or online conferences, managing customer support remotely,  online collaboration tools, and project management tools for project management.

Many programs for working from home are also very useful in smart working because they can be used daily when working in a hybrid way (home-office). In addition, it is important to remember that working from home must be supported by an appropriate VPN service to secure the online spaces that are used for the exchange of professional documents and sensitive data.

List of Tools used for Working Remotely 

Google Suite

The first tools that every Smart worker must know how to use are those made available for free by Google, the first of all: Google Calendar, Google documents, Google Sheets, and Google drive.

The latter will be essential for you to organize folders and files that you will want to share with your colleagues; companies spend a lot of money on backup servers and NAS, but, surely, one day, they will fold everything on Google Drive.

Google calendar is great for entering appointments and meetings to share with your colleagues and for notes, absences, and more.  

Google Sheets is the equivalent of the excel file, while documents are word; the nice thing is that it has the same functionality as Microsoft tools, but it is automatically saved in the cloud. You can share it with whoever you want to work together.

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As an alternative to Google Drive, there is Dropbox; who has never heard of it? Dropbox was (and probably still is) the most used online cloud service ever.

Google Drive is grinding a long way, and Dropbox is in danger of being overtaken by the latter, but today Dropbox boasts thousands of active customers.

The very convenient thing is that you can insert the dropbox folder among the others on your computer just as if it were part of your archive.

In this way, you will be able to access dropbox without going directly to the website, but doing it as if you were going to documents, for example. Synchronization with other users you share files with is almost instant.

Web scraping is a process of automating the extraction of data in an efficient and fast way. With the help of web scraping software, you can extract data from any website, no matter how large is the data, on your computer.


If you have a ton of work and several clients to manage, Trello can help you out. It acts as an organizer of their projects and to-dos, a program for the professional to-do list, let’s say.

It has already been established that if you are a professional and you do not organize your to-dos in the best way, you could take 8 hours, what with a to-do list you could do in 2.

In addition to being cheap, Trello is extremely easy to use and super intuitive. It is possible to create post it on the screen just as if you put them on your office whiteboard, and slowly as you do your duties, you can move everything to “in progress” or “finished.”

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Conclusions on the best tools for working remotely 

This article has revealed the best teleworking tools that will be perfect for working in a remote working environment. Working in an agile way has enormous potential, but only if you do it correctly and intelligently, and the first right move is to start knowing how to use the right software.