Grand Seiko: Versatility and Luxury at Its Finest

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Whether you are a sea diver or a professor at a university, watches will always play a massive part in your life. Watches are not only there to tell the time. They also represent many things that revolve around our daily lives. Fashion is an important thing. You cannot deny that fashion is there to tell us about people, places, and things. It is there to add color to our world. Fashion is like how spice is for food. Now, some people make a big fuss when it comes to watches.

There are luxury watch fans who are very particular about brands. However, those keen on watches know that the Seiko brand comprises a wide range of watches. These watches can be in the category of everyday wear or the dressy type. The price range can also vary.

Seiko watches are “practical” at one end of the spectrum and belong to the affordable price range. Then as you go further, you have luxury types such as the Grand Seiko. People call it GS for short but watch fans already know what the acronym stands for. So what makes Grand Seiko stand out? We shall find out.

Robust Build Japanese Mechanism

Grand Seiko is known for its excellent movement. The brand has been around since the 1960s. So it’s not that old and not that new either. For those keen on Japanese supremacy when it comes to precision, getting your own Grand Seiko is worth it. It is an investment that can outlive all seasons and can be handed down to generations.

There are many Seiko watches under the umbrella. However, the Grand Seiko is distinct from its GS logo. The watch cases are polished to a high standard. They are more polished than other luxury items. Sometimes this is the very reason that people are hesitant to wear them because they can show marks. However, this issue only happens in extreme conditions, especially when you wear the watch on events not suited for it. But for everyday wear, the Grand Seiko can retain its gloss.

Grand Seiko vs. Other Luxury Brands

There are brands out there that proclaim their excellence in advertisements. Most of them are Swiss brands. But don’t let this fool you. Seiko is a brand that is at par with the best luxury watches in the market. We are talking about the movement on top of the quality build. The only difference is that Seiko as a whole is more understated. No one (the non-watch fans) can tell you are wearing a watch that is as expensive as the top Swiss watch market. This is due to the wide price range of Seiko. You can safely say that Seiko will never be a target of theft compared to other watches. However, the market value is as excellent as those.

There are different types of Grand Seiko for the uninitiated. There’s the Snowflake, Mt Iwate, Skyflake, Silver Blizzard, and more. Each has its distinctive design. Each has its appeal that is understated but at the same time elegant. Watch lovers can’t argue that a Grand Seiko watch is better than any other luxury watch because it is not too noticeable.

With Grand Seiko, you get value, craftsmanship, and design. These three characteristics are responsible for Grand Seiko to win the 2020 Baselworld watch show. Reviewers say that it is great to own one because one will never get tired of looking at the bezel. Others love the brand for the bracelet. Yes, that bracelet looks shiny and robust. It also looks unique.

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Grand Seiko Watches: Iconoclasts Personal Choice

While Swiss watches dominate the market, people do buy them for the brand name. This is not to generalize that all Swiss watch lovers are snobs. This is to say that it is expected that those who are new to luxury watches will always look for the usual. But those who have been around and have invested in other watches will collect Grand Seikos for their uniqueness.

These people also buy a Grand Seiko because they don’t like to attract attention to themselves, which is not common in luxury watches. After all, what’s the joy in buying an expensive watch and not showing it off, right? However, these people love watches for their sake. It’s all about the watch and not the brand. Seiko, in general, is not known to give so much focus on their advertising. They are more into delivering the best quality in the market without drawing too much attention to themselves.



If you are looking for a brand of watch that is of top quality but doesn’t scream money, then Grand Seiko is for you. It is a significant investment because of its high standards in design, movement, and quality.