Business Professional Fashion Tips

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Written By Charlotte Miller

As a business professional, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate the wardrobe department. Some people fear looking dull, whilst others are just simply unsure about what it is they should be wearing. Despite this, there tends to be a rule of thumb about what business professionals should be wearing. There are little accessories that you can implement to make the outfit your own, but you shouldn’t opt for anything too out there. After all, you need to seem approachable and trustworthy to be successful in business. Anything too risqué has the potential to deter people, meaning that you should try and remain as neutral as possible. 

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Crisp White Shirt

For the top half of your business attire, you can’t go wrong with a crisp white shirt]. This shirt should be properly fitted, pressed, or ironed. A creased or poorly fitted shirt just doesn’t convey professionalism in the same way and should be avoided at all costs. It’s also important to ensure that your shirt has a stiff collar so that your tie doesn’t look messy. Other colors of shirt can also work such as a pale blue or other pastel shade; however, white can be paired with anything, making it the safest option for business attire. Also, be sure to only wash white shirts with other whites, or you run the risk of it turning grey in the future. 

Modest Tie

There’s no set rule about what color or pattern your tie is, as long as it’s rather modest and not too overwhelming. A garish tie can be off-putting and clash with what you’re wearing. Therefore, it’s safer to opt for quite a neutral tie. With this being said, neutral doesn’t mean plain or colorless. For example, paisley is quite a traditional print when it comes to ties and isn’t too gaudy. Similarly, intense colors such as red can work alongside a business suit. Consequently, color and patterns can be done in a tasteful fashion.

High-Quality Accessories

Accessories are where you can shine and display your personality as a professional. Whether it’s through luxury cufflinks or swanky tie clips, there are a handful of accessories that you can incorporate into your business ensemble. Seemingly, cufflinks are a dying trend since shirt cuffs tend to simply button up these days. As a result, cufflinks are hugely unique and are an ideal way of bringing your individual style into your business dress. In fact, many celebrities wear cufflinks on the red carpet, making them somewhat of a trendy and luxury item. 

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Dark Suit

A dark suit is the best way to convey a professional air, as dark colors such as black, charcoal, and navy are among the most sophisticated. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a two- or three-piece suit, as long as each article matches. With this being said, three-piece suits tend to look dressier, so you must deliberate how you’re wanting to portray yourself. Like the shirt, the suit will need to be properly fitted, pressed, or ironed as, once again, an ill-fitting, creased suit does not make someone look the part. 

Dark Leather Shoes

To finish off your professional ensemble, you should wear dark leather shoes on your feet. Depending on the color of your suit, your shoes should either be black or brown. Typically speaking, you should choose between brogues or loafers as these are among the smartest of shoes. However, comfort is imperative when it comes to shoes, especially if you’re on your feet a lot during the day. Therefore, you should invest in shoes of quality material to avoid blisters and other foot pain caused by ill-fitting, poorly made shoes.