Class 8 English exam:  Why and how to study NCERT books?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

English is an essential subject for everyone’s life. It is a medium that plays a vital role in communicating. It is important to have a proper fluency in this language for better communication as it is a language that is used in almost every corner of the world and so, it makes the subject necessary for maintaining the fundamentals of this language. NCERT books are the most preferred source for preparing for the CBSE class 8 English exam.

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  • NCERT books are the books issued by the National Council of educational research and training. The NCERT books for the CBSE board students are highly recommended because it focuses purely on the fundamentals of the subject as per the latest CBSE syllabus.  
  • The NCERT books contain only those specific and the exact concepts or topics that are part of your syllabus. It also includes the required exercises and descriptions that are needed to clear your doubts or queries. Thus, studying from NCERT holds great importance and for this reason, it is necessary to study from NCERT books for your class 8 English exam. You can also access the ncert solutions for class 8 english to assess your weak and strong subject areas. 
  • The NCERT class 8 English honeydew includes some chapters and poems. The following are the chapters of NCERT English honeydew- the best Christmas present in the world, the Tsunami, glimpses of the past, Bepin Choudhary’s lapse of memory, the summer within, this is jody’s fawn, a visit to Cambridge, a short monsoon diary, the great stone face-1, and the great stone face-2 respectively. And the poems of class 8 English honeydew are- the ant and the cricket, geography lesson, Macavity- the mystery cat, the last bargain, the schoolboy, the duck and the kangaroo, when I sat out for Lyonnesse, and on the grasshopper and cricket. All of these chapters and poems are clearly explained with the right sequence in the NCERT book.
  • NCERT books are easily understandable as the book pertains to a specific order and the language of the book is quite easy to understand. Along with the explanation of the chapters and the poems, there are several word meanings, questions answers, and exercises that can help you to build a deeper understanding of the chapter.
  • You can start by reading the chapters from your NCERT English book, there are word meanings also given in the book that can easily help you understand the meaning of difficult words of the chapter. Reading is a very important as well as a wonderful habit; it can build your fluency in English. You will also be able to understand English in a better way if you indulge your good amount of time in reading.
  • NCERT books contain the appropriate information required for the examinations and the examples given can help you understand the exam pattern. After reading the chapter throughout your NCERT book, you can start to solve the questions that are given at the end of the chapter in your NCERT book. You can easily find the answers to NCERT class 8 honeydew on several platforms; you may also try to find the answers to those questions on your own for a better understanding of the chapter.
  • You can learn the answers to the questions given in your NCERT book. After you have learned them, you can also write the answer multiple times for practicing more. Writing your answers multiple times will also help to retain the answers for a longer period. Writing what you have learned is also considered a glorious practice that can help you learn the information easily and effectively.
  • After you have completed or learned the questions answers of your NCERT book, you can look forward to the exercises given in your book. The exercises are based on the CBSE guidelines and are very beneficial as well as important for your exam. You can find the answers to those exercises easily on various platforms and if possible you may also try to solve them on your own and further analyze your answers by checking them from a verified source.
  • Every chapter of your NCERT English honeydew book is very important and you should prepare each one of those with proper understanding. Reading the chapters throughout, learning and writing the questions answers, learning the word meaning, and solving the exercise given in the back of your NCERT book can be very fruitful for your exam. These are some of the major ways to prepare for your class 9 English honeydew exam with the NCERT book.
  • NCERT books hold great importance for CBSE exams because they are purely based on the CBSE guidelines and contain the exact syllabus provided by the CBSE. The NCERT books are a verified source that the board recommends. While looking for study materials you should always give priority to the NCERT books. 
  • There could be several spellings that may seem difficult to you in the chapters of NCERT. You can learn those spelling and practice them multiple times to avoid spelling mistakes. Spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar are some of the major reasons for low marks in the English exam. You can improve your grammar by indulging yourself in reading as much as possible and the problem of spelling mistakes can also be solved by learning them from NCERT and memorizing them by writing multiple times.

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These are some ways to study from your NCERT books for your English exam. You may not face any difficulty while preparing from NCERT books because they are easily understandable and they also contain the appropriate amount of information required for the exam. Even learning only and completely from NCERT will give you fruitful results. This will not only help you pass your exams with flying colors but also clear the fundamentals. English is a score-gaining subject and so you can easily score good marks just by understanding the chapters and poems from your NCERT class 8 English honeydew book. You will surely achieve the best if you will give your best. Good luck!