Can Background Removal Redefine Your Branding Efforts?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Images are vital to branding. Marketers have long known the power of pictures to evoke emotions and create engagement. The human brain is hardwired to love visual information. Targeted and high-quality images can help the audience connect instantly to your brand. For this reason, images occupy the largest share of space on any customer-facing platform.

Well-edited images are much more impactful than plain vanilla raw images. Several editing tools and techniques are available in the market today. One of the most effective techniques to make a photo eye-catching is background removal. The importance of this method cannot be overstated, especially if you are creating high-resolution product images that your customers are going to view to make a purchase decision.

Removing the background in images can revitalize your branding irrespective of the industry vertical of your business. It works for all marketing and product images ranging from electronic items to real estate and apparel to automobiles. There are specific reasons why this technique has such a massive effect,

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  • Helps grab attention – An image with a clear emphasis on its subject is the most appealing to a viewer. Removing the background or making it neutral automatically brings the subject to the forefront of the image and makes it easier for the viewer’s eye to focus on it instantly.
  • Helps remove irrelevant objects – Branding works best when it is clutter-free. This is true of images too. You need to remove objects in the background that distract the customer from the main subject. For example, a cloudy sky in the backdrop of a real estate building can be disturbing.
  • Helps add branding elements – You can add brand messaging like taglines or slogans to images with a neutral or transparent background. Such images ensure the viewer catches on to the gist of the brand communication in a single glance.
  • Helps optimize the size of images – Removing the background of an image will also reduce its size. This is especially crucial if you are running an online business. Reducing the image size will improve its loading speed. That, in turn, will enhance the overall customer experience of your website or app and lead to higher conversions.

However, removing background in photos is a resource-intensive exercise. You need to ensure that the quality of the image does not suffer and that the main subject of the image retains its sharpness. If not done skilfully, background removal may become distracting for the viewer. If your business relies heavily on images, it is not wise to burden your in-house talent for photo editing purposes. You can opt for a background removal service for superior and quicker output of edited photos. 

You need to ensure that the service you select provides a quick turnaround time without compromising the quality standards. The right combination of expert editors with automation tools can do the trick. Of course, the data security of your proprietary images is a basic necessity. Hence, selecting an established and professional service is crucial.

You can remove the background in an image using various methods. For simple photos in which the subject has a sharp and defined outline, say like a perfume bottle, ‘clipping path’ suffices. In this method, the editor outlines the object using a pen tool and deletes the rest of the image. Only the content within the outline stays. 

However, for complex photos that do not have a sharp outline, like the hair in a portrait, the editor uses ‘image masking’. This involves selecting content based on colors or other properties and erasing it.

In many cases, only the removal of background may not suffice. You may need to fine-tune the image further to meet your brand aesthetics. For example, an online jewelry store should ensure that the product photographs have an elite look and feel. You can add shadows and 3D effects to your jewelry photos to bring out the design detail after removing the background.

Another application would be in automobile branding. The car that looks the best in marketing magazines gets the most test drives. A good car image needs editing over and above the removal of the background. You might need the car to look shinier. You might also need to hide some scratches or stickers on the car’s surface. You may want the car image in a different color to match the overall branding color scheme. Photo clipping services can deliver a complete range of such tweaks to make your brand images look exactly as per your requirements. The typical array of services includes

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  • Clipping path or image masking to remove the background
  • Color, brightness, and contrast correction
  • Resizing and perspective correction
  • Stitching together photos to create panoramas
  • Portrait enhancement and blemish removal

To Conclude

Images that have their background removed and edited appropriately will be more appealing, easier to understand, and straightforward to retain. So the answer to the question, ‘can background removal redefine your branding efforts?’ is a resounding YES. The right images will likely produce a substantial ROI on your branding spend. Outsourcing the image processing to an established service provider will keep the costs low and make the image uploading process efficient.