What is the Future of Cleaning Services?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The Future of Cleaning Services

The professional cleaning industry is a massive one. Over the last few years, while health concerns have been at a peak, commercial cleaning companies have had to adapt at a rapid pace and bring a whole new level of sanitization into their cleaning repertoire to do their part to slow the spread of viruses. Where many maintenance companies that offer services like commercial snow removal, groundskeeping, and general handy work are operating more or less the same as they always have, cleaning companies have been faced with some big changes. In the past, cleaning companies have been employed to keep things neat, tidy, and obviously clean. Today, these companies are employed not only for those reasons but also to ensure that working environments and homes are as sanitized as possible. 

When this sudden change came about, the cleaning industry was utterly unprepared for the massive evolution it was about to undergo, and as a result, some of the smaller and less prepared companies didn’t make it. Even the most established cleaning companies were not necessarily using the very best cleaning chemicals available to them or the most stringent processes in the industry. The industry was largely unregulated until recently, and the world’s recent health concerns have changed how cleaning companies view the safety of their staff; let’s take a look at what the future might hold for the cleaning industry.

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Big Business

Despite the changes that came on hard and fast over the last few years, and in some ways because of them, the cleaning business is booming. The more buildings spring up, the more buildings there are to clean! Predictions are that the building square footage in the United States alone is meant to increase by 39% come 2050, so there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of. The potential for expansion is enormous. However, this is not without its own problems. 

With such rapid growth, the sector has fallen behind in terms of the technology needed to manage all this cleaning. Lots of manual labor is needed to run a cleaning business, and manual labor costs are rising at an alarming rate: business owners will have to take advantage of all the opportunities available to balance their books. It’s a tall order, but if you keep the quality of your work as your first priority, you’ll manage alright. Look after your staff, look after your customers, and you’ll have a smoothly running business for many years to come.

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Intense Competition

What clients expect from a company today is a much higher level of service than ever before. From a client’s perspective, this is essential, but from a service provider’s point of view, it’s a challenge. With a lot of competition in the business, clients have a lot of different options to choose from. With such high expectations and so many choices, it takes only one misstep or mistake for a cleaning business to lose a lucrative client relationship, so standards must be kept high. When cleaning companies were polled, the majority agreed that bids were won or lost based on price. Offering the best possible services at the lowest possible cost is like walking a tightrope, and it can be difficult for even the savviest of business owners to manage.

Clean and Green

Luckily for the planet and all its inhabitants, sustainability is now more than just a buzzword. Industries like commercial cleaning, where lots of harmful chemicals have been used without concern in the past, are making radical and necessary changes to get the best clean they can, while still looking out for our environment. The sustainability goals for the future are high: we as a people have been tasked with cutting carbon emissions in half by 2030 and eliminating the vast majority of them by 2050. 

Assessing and adjusting the carbon footprint left by the cleaning industry is an essential part of the future if businesses want to survive and thrive. Not only do businesses have this responsibility on their shoulders, but clients do too. Clients are becoming more and more discerning about which companies they will use based not only on price but also based on how green the company’s processes are. Biological products and methods currently cost more, which puts both businesses and clients in a difficult position, but this is one area in which responsible clients and business owners must be prepared to take a bit of a hit to put the environment first.

Final Word

Though there is a lot of hard work on the way for the cleaning industry, which will probably continue for a long time, the future’s still bright. Our economy has taken a lot of punches over the last few years and will naturally take some time to recover, so all industries will be feeling the sting and adapting where change is necessary. Keeping the client’s needs and a good work ethic at the center of your business plan will take you a long way towards the goals you’re aiming to meet.