Top 5 Cheapest Hawaiian Island

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Are you ready to find the cheapest Hawaiian Island with me? Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in North America with fantastic beaches and great sunshine. It is a great place to vacation and also live. Is Hawaii on a budget?  If you plan to move to Hawaii, you’ll want to consider each island’s safety, cost of living, housing, utilities, transportation, average income, and job opportunities. In this post, we will look at the most reasonable and cheapest Hawaiian island. 

List Of 5 Cheapest Hawaiian Island 

The cheapest Hawaiian island is listed below as per their rent price. 

  1. Oahu
  2. Maui
  3. Ewa Beach 
  4. Kauai
  5. Big Island, Kona

Top 5 Cheapest Hawaiian Island

From the above list of the cheapest Hawaiian island, 5 islands are more affordable. Let us know more about them.

  1. Oahu


Rent Price – $1,446

Lets start by knowing Which island in Hawaii has the best beaches?  Oahu is a US island in the central Pacific part of the Hawaiian island chain, and the state capital is located in Honolulu. It is the best island for beaches. An airfare ticket to Oahu is only $836 which is the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit.

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  1. Maui


Rent Price – $1,602

Maui is an island in the Hawaiian archipelago in the central Pacific. It is one of the cheapest Hawaiian Islands to buy a house. The island’s 30 miles of beaches include golden-crescent Kapalua, protected from strong currents by lava-rock promontories. It is one of the cheapest Hawaiian islands to live on the US.

  1. Ewa Beach

Ewa Beach

Rent Price – $1,668

Ewa Beach or Ewa is located on the leeward side of Oahu in Hawaii on the shores of Mamala Bay in the district and town and city and county of Ewa. It is the best islands to visit in Hawaii for couples can visit there. The United States Postal Service operates the Ewa Beach Post Office in Ewa Beach.

  1. Kauai


Rent Price – $1,698

Kauai is an island in the central Pacific, part of the Hawaiian archipelago. If you can only go to one island in Hawaii then it is another best option for you. It is nicknamed the Garden Isle because of the tropical rainforest that covers much of its surface. It became the cheapest Hawaii island to vacation on the summer also. It is the fourth largest of these islands and the 21st largest in the United States.

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  1. Big Island

Big Island

Price – $2,394

The Big Island is the largest in the Hawaiian archipelago of the United States in the central Pacific. In Volcanoes National Park, there are 2 active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. the lowest housing cost are on the Big Island, which is considered the cheapest Hawaiian island to move to from the USA.

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What Is The Most Affordable Hawaiian Island?


Oahu is the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit, with a total cost of $2,625. A Ko Olina Resort lagoon on Oahu. Maui is the most expensive island to visit, coming in nearly $1,000 more expensive, with a total cost of $3,600. The Grand Wailea in Maui, a luxury resort

Is There Anywhere Cheap In Hawaii?

Hana is easily one of the cheapest places to live in Hawaii. The median housing price of $459,100 is well below the state average, and the $941 median monthly rent is, too. Hawaii might not be an inexpensive state – in fact, it’s the most expensive state in the country.

What Is The Least Popular Hawaiian Island?

Molokai is the least visited island of Hawaii. With about 65,000 visitors, the island attracts only a fraction of all the tourists that visit the island group each year. The island is more rural and doesn’t have resorts.

What Is The Easiest Hawaiian Island To Visit?

Sometimes called ‘The Gathering Place’, O’ahu is one of the easiest islands to visit in Hawaii as it contains the majority of Hawaii’s population and is where the state capital of Honolulu can be found.

What Is The Cheapest Month To Go To Hawaii?

The cheapest time to fly to Hawaii is during February and March. The most expensive month to fly is December when the holiday period falls, with January being very expensive as well. The peak travel months of June and July are surprisingly not the most expensive months for flights, with middle figure prices.

Which Hawaii Island Is The Most Affordable?


Oahu is the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit, with a total cost of $2,625. A Ko Olina Resort lagoon on Oahu. Maui is the most expensive island to visit, coming in nearly $1,000 more expensive, with a total cost of $3,600. The Grand Wailea in Maui, a luxury resort.

Are There 7 Or 8 Hawaiian Islands?

Hawaii is typically recognized by its eight main islands: Hawaiʻi, Maui, Kahoʻolawe, Lānaʻi, Molokaʻi, Oʻahu, Kauaʻi, and Niʻihau. The state of Hawaii officially recognizes only 137 islands in the state which includes four islands of the Midway Atoll.


In this article, we share the details about the Hawaiian Islands. You came here to know which Hawaiian island is the cheapest to visit. We study only five islands in Hawaii because they are the most affordable to you. I told you what is the hotel rent prices in Hawaii. The above information was all about the cheapest Hawaiian Island.   

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