How does cloud computing work? – The answer from StarHouse Tech experts

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Any company strives to optimize its work process. Therefore, it uses some technologies to make it easier for employees to perform their tasks. Following the recommendations of an advanced cloud solutions consultant will enable the deployment of cloud-based technology in a single enterprise to increase efficiency.

Most people and structures are armed with such systems for various purposes. For many, it is just entertainment, but it is a helpful tool for some. StarHouse Tech’s editorial board discussed how cloud computing works in their article. Such systems need to be implemented to ensure stable profits at the firm.The use of such programs will lead to the simplification of tasks, and subsequently to the prosperity of the enterprise.

Cloud Computing everything is much easier than you think

Thanks to such solutions, you can store or transfer the necessary data over the Internet without the use of built-in or portable drives. The best examples of these technologies are Google or Apple storage. The listed services store all the necessary data only through the global network, thereby saving hard disk space.

As experts say, the cloud works through information processing centers. That is, all the data required by the user is located on virtual servers connected to special centers with a developed peripheral infrastructure that ensures the safety of the data of an individual user.

These same technologies have given rise to cloud hosting companies offering users their cloud storage services. They can be for all customers or just some, depending on the needs and limitations of a particular company.

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What are the Cloud Computing Service Types?

The cloud has now become one of the most developed IT solutions, spreading to various businesses and people who use the system for private purposes. Interestingly, there are several cloud computing types of services, which we will talk about below.


Every day this solution is used by a variety of users, from companies to ordinary computer owners. In fact, technology is one of the most common types of cloud computing models, which is presented in the form of programs. Usually this software is launched through a regular Internet browser and does not require installation of the program on a disk.


This version of the cloud solution is a platform on which one can create and debug their applications. This development will help control and update all the utility processes from one place. In addition, this also includes development tools, additional software, and special systems for monitoring the market.


It is a virtual infrastructure that will allow one to move servers, network equipment, and information storage to the cloud. With the help of this technology, planning is provided, which will let one forget about the cost of purchasing additional space for the IT department in case of business success.

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Types of cloud computing deployment models

Most such systems are also subdivided into other types. These are discussed in more detail below.

Private Cloud

It is a unique technology for a single enterprise, providing personalized service. The dedicated infrastructure is onsite or in the cloud provider’s data center.

Public Cloud

Under this term is hidden the most popular variant of the cloud solution. It is characterized by public accessibility. Almost all the giants that provide such services use public clouds, available anywhere with a personal account and a specific application.

Hybrid Cloud

It is a type of cloud solution that incorporates features of public and private clouds. They communicate over the Internet and share the resources needed to perform tasks.

The main advantages of cloud computing for business

Cloud services are a helpful tool not only for business operations but also for entertainment at leisure. Experts have noted that the annual increase in sales in the cloud computing market will be at least 15.7%. It demonstrates the effectiveness of these technologies.

The top benefits of cloud computing include the following:

  1. Security. Due to particular means, all the information on the server is protected from tampering. An intruder is guaranteed not to be able to leak data or infect the server with a virus.
  2. Scalability. Reduced costs for organizing space for IT specialists. The use of cloud technology will allow specific tasks to be performed remotely.
  3. Productivity. Cloud technology is available from anywhere, anytime, if one has a stable Internet connection.
  4. Continuity. The valuable information stored on the server will be intact if the company is severely affected by a natural disaster. Business owners can have peace of mind by storing data in the cloud.

Thus, the cloud is a solution that has no equal in the world. Its efficiency is dictated by the ease of use and the lack of need to install software on a hard drive or to clog a drive with a large amount of information. Instead, a specialized virtual server will do everything.