CIS plan promotional offers

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Telecom companies are offering a wide range of plans for their customers. These plans vary in the talk time offered, data transfer, smses and other features. While most telecom companies are offering prepaid plans, they prefer postpaid customers since it is easier to predict revenues. The amount a person can spend on the mobile phone plan depends to some extent on their income. Usually employees of the largest companies in Singapore are getting high salaries, so they can afford to pay more for their mobile connection. The employees of these large companies are also having a good social status, and do not face harassment by government agencies.

Corporate employees

Hence having these well paid employees of the largest Singapore companies as their customers is beneficial for the telecom company, helping improve the company’s brand image. The telecom companies are also offering mobile handsets bundled with their plans, and there is always a risk that the customer will not pay the installment after getting the handset. Compared to the other customers, employees of large companies are less likely to default on payment. Hence the telecom companies are always interested in having these corporate employees as their customers. Many of the larger telecom companies have formulated special plans called the corporate individual scheme (CIS) for these corporate employees

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Most people are using their main mobile phone number for a wide range of purposes, since the contact details will usually include the mobile number. The user also will not change their telecom provider without a good reason, since the new telecom company may not provide reliable services. Hence to attract new corporate employees and have them sign up for the CIS plan, the telecom company offers a CIS plan promotion which will help the subscriber save a substantial amount of money. The telecom company hopes that the promotions will be attractive enough for the employee to take the risk and spend the time to switch to the plan.


One of the main reasons why corporate employees are switching to the CIS plan, is that the telecom companies are offering the best discounts for the CIS plans compared to all other plans which they offer. While there are some discounts available for other customers spending more money, the largest discounts of up to 20% are usually offered on the CIS plan as a promotion. Additionally employees who prefer to purchase a handset through the telecom provider and pay for it will also get a substantial discount on the listed price. They may also be eligible to receive free accessories

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In addition to the discount, the corporate subscribers of the CIS plan, will get a number of free services, which are convenient, help save time and money. The subscriber will get a free SIM card when he is enrolled for the CIS plan, no registration fee has to be paid. He can also specify three numbers of the same telecom company, to which he wishes to make unlimited free calls. All the incoming phone calls are free for the CIS subscribers, and the caller id is also displayed free.