Common Web Design Mistakes Businesses Make

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Written By Berry Mathew

Make your business stand out. Create a robust website. Give your customers a smooth browsing experience. Come up with unique design solutions for your users. Avoid making design mistakes. Strive to create an excellent first impression. Hire the right web designers at Jeremy Mcgilvrey. By avoiding the following mistakes, you’ll be able to build a website that delights your users.


Streamline your communication process. Stop complicating your website. Be clear in your communication. Poor communication will quickly put off readers. Strive to create an easily accessible website. Avoid confusing your readers with complicated layouts.

Avoid making assumptions. Don’t assume that users understand your solution. Figure out how to make your website captivating. Incorporate customer feedback into every stage of the design process. Clearly explain who you’re, what you offer, as well as, how you can help your users. Always stick to the ‘three-click rule. People usually visit websites to shop around for what they need. So, be sure to proactively monitor how they interact with your website.

Find out how users are interacting with your website. How are they navigating through your web pages? Is there anything they don’t understand? Are they comfortable or do they look a bit confused? Implement effective strategies to enhance your website’s interactivity and customer experience.

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Weak CTAs

Create powerful call-to-actions (CTAs). Make sure they adequately guide users to perform specific actions. If your CTAs aren’t understandable, you won’t be able to guide your users effectively. And that will quickly lead to lower conversions and opt-ins. Draft emotional sales copies that’ll make people believe in your products and services. Make them feel aligned with your product by creating unique CTAs.

Position your CTA button right above the fold. Integrate a unique selling proposition into your homepage. Communicate the problem you’re solving by creating engaging surveys. With effective CTAs, you can rest assured that your conversion rate will be optimized. Place your CTAs in highly visible areas.

Complex Design Elements

Let users navigate intuitively. Create a simple browsing experience for them. Avoid using too many fonts or colors. Don’t overload your site with images. A cluttered interface can be extremely overwhelming and confusing.

Of course, it’s great to showcase your design talents but too many elements can be destructive. Visitors want to intuitively navigate your website and discover new things on their own. Your design should communicate the site’s main purpose without distracting users.

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Most users access websites through their mobile phones. So, make sure that your web design is compatible with multiple devices. It should work well on different screens. Failing to prioritize responsiveness can make you lose out on traffic. Plus, your conversions and sales will drastically reduce. Plan your design for desktop computers, PCs, tablets, as well as, mobile phones. Test it widely to observe user behavior. Make sure users can interact seamlessly with your site.

The Bottom-Line

A good website will attract new customers, increase conversions, boost sales, and enhance visibility through popular search engines. The above article expounds on common mistakes you should avoid building an intuitive website.