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Written By Charlotte Miller

The term “email” has acquired its importance in digital marketing as a powerful way of communication with prospects. Email service providers every day put their efforts into nurturing their features like revealing suspicious users and marking them as dangerous and distrustful ones. Emailing can be a tricky thing because you might be labeled as a suspicious sender even if your company goals are transparent and clear. But if your sender’s reputation is declined or it faces difficulties, your email campaign won’t bring any positive results and will fail. Caring about the rate sender`s reputation and enhancing it should be implemented in every email campaign since it is a pledge of success. But how to deal with a poor reputation? What are the methods of improving it? How does the sender`s reputation impact email deliverability? Which steps should a company accomplish to prevent their emails from getting spammed?

The most essential solution to all these questions is to establish reliable automated software that can keep the sender`s reputation and other rates in a good balance. This is achievable with Folderly and its products suggestion to a company quick and simple ways of solving these issues with the help of developed techniques and features of email spam checker

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In this article, we will explain

  • The nature of the term “sender`s reputation” and how it can be nurtured with email deliverability tools;
  • How to verify the sender’s credibility of IP using the spam tester; 
  • How a spam tester helps maintain your reputation as a sender at a perfect level.

So, to find out all answers to mentioned questions, fasten your belts and let`s get a trip through this article! 

The nature of the term “sender score” and how it can be nurtured with email deliverability tools

An email sender`s reputation is one of those metrics that is assessed by internet service providers. It scores the quality of interaction with your prospects including delivery issues, spam complaints, soft and hard bounces, blacklists, poor-quality address lists, etc. It is directly connected with IP addresses as it helps email providers to reveal distrustful users and get rid of them immediately by blocking and marking them as suspicious spammers.

What does nurture this reputation? Firstly, you should take care of your sending lists. Regular cleaning them from invalid, non-existent, and incorrect addresses will not only increase the sender`s score but also your email deliverability will be improved. Secondly, your email content should contain only relevant and appealing information making a client open it, click on it, and respond. It will increase your reputation rate and engagement rate as well. Be aware of not using spammy words as it is a direct way to a spam folder. Finally, testing email campaigns with email deliverability tools without which it is very challenging to identify and solve issues declining the reputation. Folderly`s spam tester is a high-quality testing instrument the major peculiarity of which is creating a thorough analysis of spam problems, recommending individual ways to improve your domain, sender`s score, and email deliverability. By the way, Folderly is a product of B2B lead generation company Belkins which is an email marketing leader.

Earlier we mentioned that the sender`s metric is directly linked with your IP. Now let’s define how we can check how good your IP reputation is now. 

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How to verify the sender’s credibility of IP using the spam tester

If you launch email campaigns regularly, you have to maintain your IP reputation in a good balance and state. You can achieve a flawless reputation only by a thorough control of this indicator. It will prevent your emails from getting spammed or blocked by users/ email, declining email deliverability rates, and losing financial investments, efforts, and time. There is an effective way to verify your sender`s score: it is using built-in programs and their options. What are they? 

Firstly, you can check your IP credibility with the use of the “Return Path” tool which is an expert in exploring and evaluating IP addresses. Launch this free option and check how good your address is from 0 to 100, where the latter one is the best indicator. Use this data for improving each email campaign since this metric influences effectiveness of it. Secondly, another useful and costless tool is the IP verification provided by Cisco. You have just to indicate your IP address and you will get not only a general evaluation of your IP reputation but also you can get extra information about the details of sending emails to receivers. Thirdly, you get lots of insights and benefits from the use of “Google Postmaster Instruments”. These professionals of Gmail service evaluate your reputation and give tips on how to improve it in the best and most achievable way.

Your reputation will be always perfect if you check the quality and effectiveness of email delivery with the spam tester. Folderly`s tester provides you with a detailed analysis of all issues your campaign faces, examines your contact lists, domain health, quality of the content, IP, and sender`s reputation, and the coolest thing: it gives you individual recommendations on solving these issues quickly and simply. Running sich tests regularly is key to running campaigns successfully and improving the rate of email deliverability. 

How a spam tester helps maintain your reputation as a sender at a perfect level

Evaluation of reputation is not the only aspect you have to improve and pay attention to. Having perfect email deliverability and the sender`s reputation means maintaining a complex of indicators and rates in a good balance. Now we want to share with you a guide of useful tips for complex actions keeping your reputation flawless. It includes the following:

    • Avoid using purchased sending lists. Of course, buying them you might think that you only win time and money. However, using them in an email campaign is very risky for your sender`s reputation. Because they contain a variety of unchecked, invalid, and dangerous addresses, it will be not only a waste of effort and money but also you will get lots of spam complaints from those users who didn`t allow to share their contacts and were randomly added to purchased lists. 
  • Regular cleaning of contact addresses. In your sending lists can be added that are poor-quality, incorrect, and unknown. Cleaning sending lists and getting rid of misspelled and unverified contacts will be a huge advantage for you since you will be seen by email providers as credible and caring sender. Besides, the engagement rate, email delivery, and sales will be boosted.
  • Work on the content. The fluent marketers highlight that having high-quality of the containment of email is a key factor to improve your sender`s score. Be careful with loud phrases as they lead your emails directly into the spam folder. Besides, be sure that your template is well-structured, clear, appealing, and readable. Ask your colleagues about the content of the email and test it with the email spam checker.  
  • Follow the time guidelines. Run emailing with the proper frequency since it shows your transparency and credibility as a sender. Besides, irregular and often sending a huge number of emails to the prospects will not only irritate them but also you get lots of spam complaints and as a result, be banned or blocked. 

We have just described essential tips for giving your campaign success and flourishment. Following all of them is a pledge to enhance your IP reputation.


Now you have become much more fluent in digital email marketing. The success of your email campaign will be continued if you do regular testing of the email delivery, assess the sender`s reputation, check your email template content, and clean sending lists. What should we add to all mentioned? Of course, it is practice, testing, and adopting all rules above. All of it leads not only to improving rates but the most essential beneft you can ever get is creating your warm audience, continuous effective email campaign, profit growth, perfect reputation rate. 

And finally, keep in mind three key “don`ts”:

Don`t forget to test each email campaign with Folderly`s advanced tool. These professionals will help your rates become much higher, fruitful, and impressive. Don`t hesitate to test it right now and immediately to get a detailed report on spam issues. Don`t miss a chance to become a leader in b2b sales.